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From: RGN93962544799910071

[992088] Join Code

From: brian d2392147823

daid not a sales call. wanted to verify my address, and it didn't match. probable bill collector and they had wrong person

From: Nikki2152255303

I need to know who call me on this number

From: Linda5133167332

I don’t know this number. They have been texting me

From: Tider3348368866

Pesky call

From: Cris5202454422

Keeps calling my phone

From: Shayla5134564174

Kept calling me even after I told them I wasn’t the person they were trying to get a hold of.

From: Justin5305645504

I dont know thos number

From: LYNN8006426233


From: nikki3478994107

called no vm.

From: Ex RBC client they s8557507923

It is absolute whenever you don't longer get a credit debt with RBC and you paid your debt in full they will send you to a system call partage credit, They will call you and demain you paid then more and that's an abuse of your fairness and contract. Whatever you do dont be mistake it they will try to screw you up.

Thefts adding the Canadians banks are adding to paid tax dollars why they keep playing and try to screw up the good people who paid in full..


From: Christopher3606927261

Creepy texts

From: Raymond3197381899

This came through as a spam/security threat call

From: Unknown... garbled4234820546

Claims to be from Secureustech . net wanting payment for a collect call from an inmate at a jail. I smell a scam!!!

From: Diana4122128208

Just wondering

From: Katie4149150941

I want to make sure this is someone I spoke to.

From: Mario4084268469

From: pedophile killer4103524181

Guy wanted to take to my young son about a after school program

From: Ernesto2016639206

Called twice in about 4 days. Left voicemail of background voices for around 10 seconds.

From: Joseph Martin2813730144


From: robert8774777441

comprend pas qui c'est

From: Pablo3858316050


From: Mike Herbert2526724928

This is a recording.

From: Wanda2483274954

No response

From: Annie8169120806

Emoney USA Holdings LLC, 8700 State Line Rd, Ste. 350, Leawood, KS 6206-1570 – www.emoneyusa.com

From: poo2127967015


From: Erica Reinert5132337808

Personal loan officer is it legit

From: Christa5159658097

missed call

From: Patricia Poindexter6232410075

unknown. left no info

From: Farhan Jamal03494535108

That one is my girl friend

From: barbara yetti4233751173


From: Jonny4436693221

Hello I would like if someone has the address of this thief, I did a wooden floor work and he does not want to pay me ...

From: d2069007910


From: A.4083209626

Sexual abuser

From: je5203082436


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