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From: sky3343261213

who ever this could stop callimg me.

From: Mike8052189217

this mofo was banging my wife for years unknown to me, ive been disabled and in a wheelchair now. this guy has no shame

From: Barbara Holderness3193412165

said they were the Green State Bank

From: Usman0013052617788


From: M.J2024703343

Stated that he was an agent named David sosa and I was under investigation

From: Josipa3466452629

Chi mi sta chiamando

From: asfvadfv2023428091


From: Dustin Camp2567757693

Called and hung up

From: Rent a center 4196270107

Rent a center

From: Davis S James8444946060

said they were from radio

From: PLV4027397033

Caller ID Service Master.

From: Gigi4078980959


From: Angel 2064910002

This is a line that was found using my esim slot on my phone

From: Judy5039458200

Claimed to be Oregon Tax Revenue but the number is not associated with that business.

From: marta3803660705

He/She called me at midnight, send a message without saying anything, and then this morning he/she said good morning sweetheart (in Italian because I'm from Italy).

From: s2392220252

no name

From: k praveen kumar400330111

no response

From: Earl S Ebanks3456233339

This call came to us from a Courier Service in Cayman Islands with phone number 345-623-3339 and, I need to know the courier Name, to get my mail from them/Thanks

From: Johnathon Williams8775601088

I got a call from a place claiming there was fraudulent activity on my Best Buy account, though I am pretty sure I don't have a best buy account. They wanted my credit card information to confirm and when I couldn't give them that they wanted my social security. I didn't give them that either. This feels very fishy.

From: Fade2Gray4052619519

check for spam

From: K2082976164

2082976164 has called at least once a week for the past few months, but I never answer the phone if I don't know who is calling. The first few messages from 2082976164
were identical in words and inflection, so a recording: a woman using the name "Julie" would nicely ask me to call her back at a different phone number. The last couple messages from 2082976164 was also a recording, this time a man saying in a deadpan voice that the message was for "[robotic insert and incorrect pronunciation of my name] and regarding a legally required noticed", then he asks me to call him back at a different, third phone number.

It sounds like a debt collector. But I don't pay on debts of I don't know what they are from, and these people are failing to give ANY details about what their calls are for. I won't call back in case they are fraudulent.

From: Pino4122548387

This is the collection number for Sprint.

From: Tom long3052039477

Trying to figure number out

From: David4159062445

Fake location tent

From: John Doe3179720906


From: Bella Jean4083917859

It was possibly my long lost friend Ans

From: livia 4193058282


From: Kirt2538567707

Phone call

From: Terri Damron4082615211

Received a call from this number but no one answered at 443am this morning. I called it back and got the message that this number has been disconnected or no longer in service.

From: Ghasem3078287076

Salam Zander bezan09191018982

From: Erika2283889807

This is Lighthouse Pediatrics

From: Abdullah 00967776155452


From: Alisher9173615500

call me

From: Michael8667894048

im don't recognice the call

From: Manash8883301716

I called the number but do not re-collect who I called

From: J4248356790


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