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From: Geoff Bratt2128572918


From: Roberto3015002102

Some oh looking for her baby daddy

From: Jennifer Proffitt 4046007501

Says I won prizes

From: jamison2103503246

avoid this call. spam.

From: jefe4806529308


From: joao2382602400


From: Shannon4085804210


From: btuh4257723319

dontk now

From: Auroran8667013822

Probable FRAUD. Caller claimed to be from Bank of America, and knew my name. But she then immediately demanded to know my birth date--which I had already provided on my credit card application. This is a major NO-NO! No reputable bank would call a customer to demand personal information that the bank already has.

From: Sam2027144266


From: no4074923724

legal action federal agent pres 1 scam beware computerized

From: seawolf3049343988


From: Diane Renaudin5143655837

This number is owned by Scientology Church (Cult)... just hang up.

From: Jess4256447770

This was a call claiming identity theft and a warrant issued in my name. The number is valid for a German Cars something or another.

From: Phung2136233244

Person stopped talking. Said they're calling from social security dept and asked if I received a letter. Then stopped talking. Hung up. Called back and was silent. Did not say a word.

From: Unknown5104393179

They said they could erase all my credit card debt with three easy payments

From: John Broussard2109350393

From: idk4355625154


From: Barb5139783276

Not sure who this phone belongs to.

From: John smith3142162485

Called said she worked for US Bank wanting date of birth and last 4 of SSN.
wanting to verify a check. I don’t write checks nor do I receive checks. Direct deposit and pay bills online.
I don’t even have check.

From: kjlh2812368739


From: d5129647868


From: ALI HASSAN KAZIM2425550101

blah blah blah

From: christian 2678585927

Just a person called no message

From: Robert Morrison2535079188

Don't know if this is a scammer or not

From: george4102202136

asking yes or no?

From: j minsk2533970911


From: NF4145204388

Got a call

From: bob2088917012


From: Akjui h5305298434

Normal miss call

From: Denny bonnen3612438088

It was a text

From: layla fuller4406222105

bloned hair white

From: Festus8669623728


From: Maria3463854807

Received a call on this line. Nobody spoke at the other end - think it was a robocall that didn't kick in.

From: adsf2319893888


From: Aiyani E.2075095189

I have received over 20 calls, ALL between 9PM and 3:11AM from this number, repeatedly, for 5 days in a row. It's out of Maine, Machias/Eastport area, which I know well yet I know "not a soul" there. I have 207 entirely blocked, thus no messages, yet upon their first 4 calls no messages were left (when it was not blocked).

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