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From: Erica Reinert5132337808

Personal loan officer is it legit

From: Christa5159658097

missed call

From: Patricia Poindexter6232410075

unknown. left no info

From: Farhan Jamal03494535108

That one is my girl friend

From: barbara yetti4233751173


From: Jonny4436693221

Hello I would like if someone has the address of this thief, I did a wooden floor work and he does not want to pay me ...

From: d2069007910


From: A.4083209626

Sexual abuser

From: je5203082436


From: Mary2145041586

The caller said that there was a warrant out for my arrest because of social security matter! I know this is a scam but some older people may not. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE ANY INFORMATION!! THEY ARE TRYING TO STEAL YOUR SS NUMBER!

From: Ada3073354083

Is calling me, to my cell phone in Cuba. No answers when I hung up

From: Fjj4083906265


From: Ridersandy3072578120


From: Daniel Potter5137136832

Unknown caller

From: Hank5125218744


From: kendall 3025254197


From: Ajay gupta13479940972

Got missed calls I think there is something wrong or someone is trying to do something on my cell

From: Vivek singh+18586050682

Somone call me last night

From: Frank "F.F." Thomas2562177895

A guy named Taylor Widmer called me requesting sex. I was shocked! He went on to tell me he loves a man's hand all over his body. Gross! Taylor Widmer you need Jesus

From: fnfnnn970597284834


From: Lisa2539880665

Rang once

From: jamie8882366175

no return address

From: Alla3473309511


From: why2049572852

got a call

From: Ttt2099322631


From: KK Slider4402229400

One Sergeant Charles texted me just now, asking about Army Recruitment. However, a mixture of incorrect grammar and my own inability to dig up info on this Sergeant Charles, is leading me to think this isn't a reliable source speaking in full honesty. So be wary, and don't give them any personal info,

They also ask about "Yourself, Sons, and Daughters", which aside from being a weird way to put it, is also screaming "Collecting data" to me.

From: Rogan38023807491


From: LT4235254326

Calls each day multiple times

From: Kerry4234378703

Someone called asking for me and I have no clue why and the way they were talking scared me.

From: Rebecca McGrath0871385220

I called then it called back

From: Chica3107475322

They called but did not pick up. I don't answer calls I don't know

From: Sudeep+13075456052

I can't receive it

From: al 4842821074

calls almost every day never leaves mesg

From: Robert 5302648497

Constantly receiving calls

From: Janes 3474886322

Constant calling

From: Sean2532563422

Missed call

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