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From: Joe Dirt4022610609

Very Sneaky and Deceptive Junk Debt Collector

From: Annetta8005512289


From: Olean4079171772

They called and than stated that I had chosen than as a rto do anything.oofers. I had not chosen than

From: Guy fieri3217328452

Calls at night and in the morning

From: RebG2484495710

It's the Meijer Pharmacy at 8 Mile and Haggarty in Northville, MI.

From: Terry2488588812


From: ROBERT WILLIAMS8777120088

chase credit card

From: Christopher Lee2548706201

Called an idiot and told a date to make myself available.

From: Colm8004411181

No answere

From: fred cortabeezy2153408797


From: Robert2548632921


From: Camelia2177827962

Enclosed as federal state exchange unit
Illinois department of revenue phone #

From: mrt lm8002231711

Update to a support call with Oracle.com support

From: Amelia4155197387

No message left

From: James Naughton4028505158


From: Carly3479062361

Wouldn't specify where he worked and wanted info about our firm

From: dsafdsafd4155109249


From: Deanderia2259108948

Calling about a bill

From: Travene8765645702

I have received a JN money transfer

From: Smith john8772155230

I don kbow

From: Obaid khan 3072716081

Not talking

From: Douna+13074664115


From: Tricia Gilbert 5157256142


From: Tracy2482172765


From: Esh3132240796


From: DON5098225605

This is a phone number for Uber driver and passengers.

From: Elizabeth3082367017


From: pitential victim3474524648

"Ron Miller” called asking for a fomer emloyee referencing a "UCC Filing". The former employee would have nothing to do with such filings. He then asked for "Accounting". "Ron" left a Voice Mail, upon calling back the number left "347-452-4648" a male agent with an Indian accent answered the call, and refused to identify himself or his company company. I instructed him to cease and desist any call to this number, he asked me for info on company, etc., I told him he just hung up, he can see caller ID and to immediatly stop all calls and solicitations. He said "FU^& you" and hung up.The caller ID for number "347-452-4648" shows as Amiran Gadzhiev.

From: PAM A2083271500

CLaim to be UPS looking for an apartment number

From: Lizzie2065820763

CID "unassigned" All "unidentified" calls are on auto block. Phone does not ring.

From: efd14088279735


From: S4198919523

left message that wanted to talk of a delivery

From: Carol4078562695

I ordered a new cell phone from Safelink and this is how it appeared on my cc statement.

From: jenny0012108718472


From: Breionne O’Connor 2252926224

I missed the cal

From: JOH+13075547086


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