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From: bella+1409684338


From: ;;kkbgkln5165148763


From: John3058424143


From: kevin rodgers5625062433

Ca EED for SDI and Family leave, they will need more info if you have a claim. This is not a SPAM number

From: Rutinea Carvalho De 1589146415

Quero mudar a senha

From: Riegler Blacktop5135696195

received an automated call every 5 min

From: ghgguututyyui13309441693


From: d4152149722


From: Me3157857707


From: Jaaz3102788649

I have not answered

From: meenak2027590649

I did not answer. I never answer any calls if I don't know the number or a voice mail has been left that indicates a professional or personal acquaintance.

From: Unknown 4075639813


From: Nancy Wheeler8773557615

Message says...You have an important message from Capital Management Services. This is a call from a debt collector. Please call 877-335-7615.....Since I have no outstanding debt, I believe this is a scam.

From: Amy2489180919

I said hello and no one said anything

From: Robbie Allen Austin4378869121

50 dollar bonus on casino action

From: ADAA966545171895


From: Dabe3056036640

Made supposed call to minor

From: Lucy4103120616

Called and hung up after 3 rings, leaving no message.

From: Cirilo3344455560


From: Tonu3073354073

She is just saying32777

From: D. T.3142261459

A woman named Patricia Rogers represented herself as an employee of corporate Bank of America. She called me on Monday September 30, 2019 around 7:30 pm EST to ask me for answers to a Bank of America survey.

From: saqib 03071705741


From: Manon 8552108310

Kerp calli g saying wabt to talk to me and asked for my numbet of bak accouny weird like an anwer machine ???

From: JAHANGIR ALAM3075431127


From: Ramesh4027520124

4027520124 in land line 044 22582885 today 27.09.2019 at 16.55 hrs

From: Temp Agency 2123781632

Temp Agency offering temp jobs when you go the job is not available just to meet their quota.

From: a3017559947


From: RED8663846171

9/16/19 @ 12:56PM CDT
This number is, in fact, a SCAM. Because I was unable to answer this call, they left a message. The message begins, "Hello, this is... hello, this is United Healthcare Community Plan calling for [yes, they knew my name]. Please call us toll-free at 1-866-384-6171 and enter the 7 digit confirmation code so we know it's you [redacted]. [Message repeats] Thank you. Goodbye.".

Initially I called the number back, but before entering the 7 digit code they provided, I decided to simply Google the number they called from to verify its association with UHC. The ONLY results were pages like this. I called UHC who checked with their Housecall Programs & verified that this number is not affiliated with them at all. I was ultimately transferred to their fraud dept. who stated that the previous call they received was about this exact phone number. If they call you & you want a laugh, just waste their time. They are scammers. As long as they're busy with someone who already knows it's a scam, they wo

From: Andre Dent3044257629

Dont know who it is

From: Bill3058512989

this is spam & pussing to get info from you not real from Miami

From: naren800544666

Claims from Fidelity Investment and asking to verify the address as there was returned post

From: Ashley3618575650


From: Gigi3475739178

Called my cellphone 4 times in a row. No voicemail message was left. No name came up on my cellphone’s caller ID, just that the call originated from New York, NY. I don’t answer calls from numbers I do not know. Will be blocking this contact number.

From: MH5185389056

"Hi M***, It's Dan Gallagher. It's about 10 of 12, sorry I missed your call. Gimme a call when you get a chance, 538-9056"

From: wetfd+13462230238


From: maria2134049255

I realized too late I found the missed call

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