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From: UPS Customer3077458508

UPS staff, notified me of a UPS package that has been failed to be delivered.

From: Azert3073354064

No response

From: HK+3615558777

Called 3 times but wasn't able to pick it up. Dont know anyone in Hungary.

From: Plutarch Heavensbee4807582664

This is a scam artist named George. Do not trust his services

From: Paul Bryant5129936085

Reliable Courier Service
Paul Bryant

From: Aaron2139848305

Stated that theybwete availsble

From: lynmarie2064298338


From: Cee2129153767

1 call from 212-915-3767

From: Carmen3478763741

They were saying is a medical spa looking for a laser tech,and i had applied for job to them. I did apply is true i just don't know the name

From: Kim pringle2818653344

This man told me we meet on a dating sight but I couldn't find his profile and he wont stop calling me

From: test 8007442272

missed call

From: Billy5018675309

Just hangs up on me.

From: lorraine reed5052732884

called 6:30 Sunday nite.....left no message.

From: Brian4024431840

Rang 2 times

From: Rick B2089062729

Received a call at 0252 on 8/3/18. Did not take the call and no message was left. Suspect scam...

From: Michael 3347938731

Didn’t answer

From: Gertrude Canche4244887104

Don't have any

From: roger jones5122034810

OSHA request

From: Its a scam3133804059

Scam asking about setting up payment arrangements for drs bills

From: Robert3043636718

No one answered

From: Dj2036284668

Number is danbury ct AIC

From: Michael Gilburd2027139027

about stock

From: Andrea3475374538

I received a call from this number

From: ameena2149603138

no voicemail

From: ddddngii2077531046

don't know

From: Travis3096336700

Says they were calling from a law firm for a purchased vehicle with a "bad check" from a dealership in Alpharetta GA in 2015...which I never purchased a vehicle in 2015, I've never purchased in GA nor lived there, and I haven't use physical checks since 2009. This guy got real aggressive real quick and I believe was trying to begin a scare tactic and needs to be pursued for fraud.

From: Luisa0012098134225

someone from California

From: PBS8174902452

Scam caller that I hung up on.

From: Jim Johnson4045765003

I need to know who this is

From: Mark Warner4236022950

One of the many piranha health insurance brokers that blew up my phone after I made an online inquiry.


trying to fax something for may times on cell no

From: Lisa Hool5157353043

they keep calling

From: KK4802230936


From: Elia3339296867

Suspect sms

From: Tony3217102454

Claiming to be investigative company in search of a vehicle and the person attached to it in order to repossess it. If I were you I wouldn't answer this call, but if you do just tell him to f*** off

From: R8003872331


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