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From: Trenton3616613030

Just called

From: adel boughamoura0013073168819

j ai recu un appel en abssence de votre numero 0013073168819

From: Roosevelt Bryan2843474000


From: Chandhra Mouleeswara4027520125

This call arrives on my land line phone,As soon as I answer the call, the line goes silent.No voice or IVRS tone are heard,The line remains silent for upto 15 minutes and then the call terminates.

From: Nunya6602386323


From: fdhfghfh fhfhfh+13459289857

fghaert tyut gj ghj gjgj

From: Andrea4477862097

Fraud. They stole me 20 cents

From: Rita4052470559

Showed no “caller ID”. Young man named James from “American Viewpoint”.

From: Me2702281399

From: your name2818190518

immediately after not answering i received a call from an unknown number

From: Mara4356274300

Lost phone

From: nick2169304763

seemed to be phising

From: RD4254092621


From: Reidar4254092626

Microsoft code

From: Charles simmons5089927721

Missed the call, I called back somebody answered but didn't say anything and then hung up

From: FYTay2109519511

This is our business number which has been spoofed by someone. We do NOT do outbound calling. So if you think we might have called you do not answer and call us back to verify.

From: Unknown5042293723

Alls doesn’t answer spam

From: Cheryl8554708800

Received a call from BGE (Baltimore, Gas and Electric) to schedule an appointment to replace the meter at my house. When I asked what appointments they had available, they said they couldn't look at their available appointments while on the phone call with me. Didn't make much sense.

From: mia004474408000

who is this

From: KHAOULA5122268080

i want to now

From: Juan Perez3126141029

Calling everyday

From: Tristan5169864590

from farmingdale , ny

From: Shurya harris904534534

They just called me

From: Lee2404959306


From: One of his victims3473496922

Sywayne Holsinger is not a real person! Beware! Total scam artist who preys on weak women with money. he will scams women over and over again using social media dating sites, promises to be with them but never shows his face. Says he will meet with them but will never show up, he has multiple women that he has relationships all over the world with! Beware that he will scam you for gift cards, money transactions, any type of monetary friends, that he can get ahold of, or his friends can get a hold of. His gimmicks will make you broke! Beware that this is a scam from Nigeria or from Africa! He is not real and will tell you over and over again that he is real but the truth is he is no and he is part of a larger money laundering scam network of men who prey on women internationally daily via social media. His fake stories that he tells you not real and are make believe. Do not trust him!

From: Reza3233560576


From: micki west5135520127

didn't leave a message

From: Angela Granger4097376865

It's a Google commercial.

From: Caleb4846066929


From: Cynthia Larson4258800495

Received 2 voice mail messages (mechanical voice):

So, it has been considered as an intentional fraud and lawsuit has been filed under your name by the United States government. You may call our department at 425/880-0495.

I called back and received the message:

Call rejected.

Too bad, such an anonymous message, I'm sure this is some scam.

From: Riley3039455999


From: Javier652079861


From: :^)2971215073

This number is not only prime, but also a member of the fibonacci sequence!

From: ABC2406182891

im receiving calls from this number .....

From: HHH3072578130


From: Jumanji2538457220

Banfield Vet in Puyallup

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