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From: Anon3477325561

Has called several times at my work number. Does not leave a voice mail message.

From: Nate7378008601

Scammer, He is a panty stealing stalker he is dangerous an alcoholic and a liar and 70% of time. a no-call no-show

From: t3108781954


From: Paul9492884581

Very suspicious call from "Tony", trying to re-finance a loan from a bank. He kept transferring me around to "Mike Williamson" who does not exist, Cynthia from "Quality Finance", Matt or Steve from the same company...SCAM

From: Kanchan5134380074

She is very bad girl and she is lisbein. Pls stop calling other wise will give to police

From: L Ruby4807399126

Called, got my voice mail, and left no message

From: Xavier2108103897

Calls every week asking about a music license

From: g4079956250


From: poo2022841224


From: paul5135313763


From: jamie gaylord3097627065

do not know

From: Lawanda3182996504

I never seen this number call my phone before

From: d3373475744

13 calls in 9 minutes; one 3 sec voicemail that was blank

From: Giulia3275322369


From: Roy6783356616

received 6 phone calls in one day from same number

From: Christine4844017137

Text me being my stalker

From: Kim2107140896

Said it was a "complaint" collection they wanted to talk about.
The switchboard operator pulled up my name, I said BTW this call is being recorded, she hung up.

From: ads6073303200

I have received a call from this number randomly

From: Marcus3124458577

Call and hang up. No one on the other end.

From: Martha M ONeill2143035182

A male caller said he was calling from NBC. When I called back it said you have reached Alexander Alaholtruhornanden. Not sure of spelling of last name but that is what it sounded like

From: Caroline2167506232

Didn't answer, no message left. Chances are perfect for a scam or unwanted call. Blocked.

From: D.3073337653

threatening calls while at work

From: lea2022558888

I didn't pick up

From: Gina2132959131

Receiving late at night

From: dave2176144195


From: loiseleur4152370403


From: Judith Groves4104593335

person said that they were needed to deliver a package. Did not give their name.

From: Nameless8002788830

Claims to be from Chase Fraud Department. Called Chase from online number and Chase Bank confirmed number not associated with Chase Bank. This is a mobile number traced to a small rural town named Lamesa Texas. Scam call.

From: colbert cafe2145180861


From: patricia9045075354


From: james3147363768

invisible confirmation token

From: Neil Peterson 8004519437

Lexington law firm

From: Desi5044750282

Did not leave messages

From: Антон+13075431127

звонят и скидывают, бесит

call on mobile and discard

From: abdul qadeer3362702911

this num called me but i didnt received.. no msg was left

From: withheld 4844413256

communicated on a dating site, then without ever having even met in person, was trying to ask for financial help/money, said was overseas on business and in a jam, VERY SUSPICIOUS, name used is Charles if it's a scam he is slick,

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