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From: Marisa Sarbu5039994931


From: Kanad408889308

truecaller sowing this ph. no. as CBI i think its a prank

From: ML6674018029

Caller = debt collector trying to collect a debt from someone with same last name....my ex-husband's current wife. Adv that he had just disclosed to me of her debt. :-)

From: Chris2155172220

They called me yesterday evening. I did not pick it up, and they did not leave the VM.

From: rich6466933871

dont know

From: rich5162894495

Dont know

From: แอสเตอร์เคมีคอล020770077


From: Premier Dental Cedar3192610712

No reason not to answer this call. Typically reminding you of an appointment.

From: Drool 8607484314

Called on a Sunday, no message. Has also called my cell in past. One more call and will report to no call registry

From: Ар3234009134


From: R in New Orleans5046485600

Caller name: S.C.R. = Southern Credit Recovery

Caller type: Debt Collector

ï„ This # belongs to a "call center" based in Metairie (New Orleans) LA, that sells or rents out several phone numbers to companies that want/use computers to call people, and this particular # then sends you to "Southern Credit Recovery"..BILL COLLECTORS when you call it back. A woman answers who gives her name, then SCR only when you ask who this is, and refuses all other questions with demands to find out who You are and what your phone # is.

This company uses at least 18 different phone numbers that I know of. They all start with the same area code and prefix, with 5600 as the first one of the last 4 numbers of 5600 through 5618.

From: Anonymous6159883275

Number repeatedly calling leaving no messages. I called and was given an outsourcing company's name with no other information. Advised to no call again.

From: ET3134102672

Called did not leave message

From: Vinod416642500

I am getting regular calls from this number for reminder payment of car loan from ICICI bank wherein I never had or have a loan with ICICI or any other bank.

From: Ally5132514651

This is the Covedale Pet Hospital. It's a legit number, and the main number is 513-251-4666.

From: V2023579988

State Department calling about a passport application. There's no way to call this number back so if it calls you pick it up!

From: Myron Henderson 4046615264

Myron Henderson of Norcross Ga is the owner of this number he lives in a Hotel room with his Girlfriend. He's a lier and he cheats on his Girlfriend and drives her car cause he doesn't have a car and lives with her in a room cause he's Homeless. He'll lie to any woman just to sleep with her but don't believe his lies. BEWARE

From: sue2167817682

missed call

From: wayne5138881375

Craigs list used car number ?? didn't call

From: Nancy4122359951

I get an average of at least 3 calls a day from this number and they have never left a message. If you can't leave a message I don't answer.

From: Noshir S. Chikliwala1409740637

For the last three days and also earlier i am getting calls from this No. 1409740637. The caller identified himself as calling from Maruti Ltd. Calcutta office and just wanted to confirm that he was talking to me. Thereafter he conveniently disconnects and does not talk any further. this was three days back, again i get a call yesterday, and then today a female voice calls up and i threaten her not to pester me else i will complain to police to which she says sorry & hangs up. when i call up this No. i get the reply that this No. does not exist. Will some one tell whats happening?

From: Amir 3368142912

I want to know that from where this number.

From: James4079893019

This was an automatic call for a recorded commercial. Came from Tamp, Florida.

From: Clara2695523148

At 4 am this call came through my phone.

From: Santiago 2148918622

Called twice. No message left. Unknown????

From: Kendall8003477588

Idk who it is

From: Daniel8503624850

This was a call from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to my accounting firm regarding a client of ours. The caller sent a fax identifying the US dept of labor, and I believe it is a safe call.

From: Rapit3034674155

Debt collections

From: Ji3238075131


From: J3238076969


From: Lucy Williams5417317682

Wanting info about our truck

From: Angela 5204473848

I just got a text message from this number saying there's a photography job we think you might be interested in. URL link - Reply STOP to unsubscribe.

From: Melisa Johnson3605517006

Called an hung. Up

From: abdıhalıım alı0013074637125

I don't now .
I whant to now that person called me

From: Jadiel Cuevas2035651470

Whos this

From: elena3476494380


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