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From: 24796409780


From: Laura4436424807

told me they were suspending my bank account due to suspicious activity

From: tg4802379152


From: John Ryley4238385373

a friend

From: Jk smith4178915231

I was sleeping when it happened

From: joe4172599696


From: Jestina 2673718128


From: Ivy Scott2105845977

Suspicious call

From: Zed4083337019

Called saying they are from the SRA

From: Vee3107159499


From: David Kanongata'a4082090572

Noise and hangup

From: Altido Marketing Lab4085996169

received this call

From: Sue G2255036224

call claiming to be cutting utilities off in next few minutes for non service if dont respond to give payment. They claim to be from Entergy , which I dont have Entergy thankfully so I hung up. I hope people who do have it don't fall victim to giving a credit card number

From: jeffrey sochia3153834462


From: Richard3342241816

No name

From: bill c3522411223

hung up

From: Jeff3016392816

Just want a name or business name

From: George S Wonica3477729690

Received illict text

From: jeff4129517545

not sure


From: JB Jackson3343000900

Called 3x

From: ..3122702287


From: Kai Lust3106340972


From: Sdssx3523458027


From: no3122014123

didn’t answer

From: chris brown 20062406260303


From: Madalyn Bartlett2142819825

CoVid policies

From: Maureen8772080800

investment account

From: Isabelle dubois4089150252

Mot de passe

From: June3522749334

I don't answer calls I don't recognize. Most, like this, leave no message. I look them up online and, like this one, are obviously robo/scam calls.

From: sssssss2672853055


From: TV+3545376857

got a random call from this number but I did not answer

From: Fran988460388

called and kept quiet

From: Geoff Bratt2128572918


From: Roberto3015002102

Some oh looking for her baby daddy

From: Jennifer Proffitt 4046007501

Says I won prizes

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