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From: faizal689529602

i dont know who and from where this number called me just now

From: Meidy sembiring3072716086

This number call to +6282111730169 but did not answer.

From: Elon Musk3107099497

Elon Musk answered!

From: Pissed Off5188336449

Inappropriate comments left as a voicemail on my child's phone...

From: Cristal 2036846539

Este número me llama a molestar necesito saber de quien es el. Número

From: Annonimous+13074643109

Someone is calling me.
I don't know who.

From: Brittany5139721219

i think it was a prank call

From: Carlos2816070040

Profanity Text message.

From: David Nguyen2813970735

A woman called 2 years ago and I have made 2 payments in the past to allegedly help police officers and their families. Today, I receive a call from the same woman and she asked me to donate to firefighters. I told her I would like to limit an annual giving to police officers. She got rude and quickly hung up. I called her back to ask for her name and the name of the company and she hung up on me. She also said I was harassing her even though she was the one that called me and asked me for money. I will never donate to this organization again, since they won't even tell you the name of the organization.

From: virginia2129203915


From: Betty Downing9376578054

caller id

From: jack8639830542

law office (it's actually a debt collector) .

From: H&R Block - Naples2396496951

Former agent no longer there, soliciting substitute agent for 2018 return prep.

From: RonNextdoorNorthern4152

Nextdoor Northern is a site that supposedly offers neighborhood support/news for your area. I received an invitation to join from an acquaintance. I thought it was a good idea, until I had to agree to allow Nextdoor Northern access to my personal email contacts. I didn't join because I don't give out my email contacts to anyone. They probably use different names in different areas. The phone number 415 236 0000 is listed on their email address, however, when I tried to call it, I received an incomplete call message repeatedly. If you receive an invitation to join, be aware of their access to your contacts.

From: Jewels2817824122


From: Dr Iftikhar Ahmed3072695087

Who is this caller

From: jamyang choden22225555

i received a call from this unknown number

From: Angie Briggs9728783070

He seemed nice, he story was out landish very hard to believe. Searching to see if this man is authentic or is he a scammer.

From: Jeff3124475340


From: Paul3142366390

Called numerous times today & never leaves a message.

From: Michel023352115

Adres building in deze telephone number?

From: anat farber526780880

Where are from he calling?

From: anat farber+233231629025

Where are from she calling.and who is she?

From: anat farber+122225555

I want to know where from he calling.

From: Mallie Edwards5135638730

Unknown caller

From: Andreas 2646522330


From: Jga7576319542

Calls non stop leaves beeping message

From: Anna2158441144

I don't know who this is

From: Sharlette Boykin3374227983

They claim to be calling from the IRS and when I ask to speak to their supervisor they hung up

From: ela8775170555

charging me

From: Caraline Cuell6472264669

no voice mail left

From: SMD5016974610

I just got a text from this number saying, "Welcome to Uber! Enter 2859 to confirm your number."

Uber already has my information. I'm not about to confirm there's me at the end of my phone number.

So if you get a text like this, and you're already using Uber, don't confirm your number.

From: Kay Koll3212656873

Please let me know who this number is assigned to

From: John A McAllister2159526362

Caller left a phone message about a doctor's appointment on the wrong date. She also stated she was calling from the Doctor Office. She also calmed I would not be able to see the doctor with out a referial.
I called the doctor office their has never been a person working their by the name of Teyana Beckles.
If you get a call from this person call the police and the FBI.

From: David3177565145

No message

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