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From: Rich3134339782

Said he was Clarence Lee and he was a hiring manager. Didn't state for which company or any details beyond being a hiring manage and he was offering a 1st interview.

From: Jeff H4174594007

courtesy call from Reliable Subaru (service reminder)

From: yup5035520109


From: Atul Patel2127299850

Remsen Capital

From: J3236466456

Keep getting text

From: Brittany2074604278

Deputy Mcphail from Hancock County Sheriff's office

From: FRANK3046587896


From: Trump3232710577


From: Joni910000770

Who is you

From: Juana L5103653331


From: D3186290378

9:15 a.m.

From: Nathan Rice2488046392

Called my office asking about our payroll software. The caller said he was from a company called Union Systems. A quick web search revealed that there is a company by that name... in Nigeria. Big surprise. I wonder if the prince of Nigeria is in on this as well?

From: jhshdgdsdqakjwk37130359


From: Bruno1300156655

This is from a cleanning company absolutedomestics.com.au however if you google their 1300 number, it also belongs to other companies, and even to sell "Stimulators" for women.

Hiya! phone service identified this number as "PREMIUM" so if you call it, you pay them through your teeth!


From: Annoy De13158025272

Didn’t answer

From: jacj4406062056

f these oeople

From: befoulmetalroosa118773417635

Got two calls from this number. No message left. Not the usual configuration for US numbers, but not standard for overseas toll-free numbers, either. If someone else has info, please post it here.

From: Johnny Garcia4802519646

sounds personal

From: bh1800505525


From: Dr. Brian E.Kurtz2293867042

A page

From: steve2319322632


From: timmy8322059009

I want to know who it is

From: Nani3209942544

Arriendo habitacion

From: yz5036851603


From: Unknown4152149615

Sent me a code to confirm mobile number..????

From: Kids 2109964657


From: Your mama3055364522

Whoever you are, don't call my goddamn number again.

From: hakuna38970122


From: Tammi5134536919


From: bradley alter3124717746


From: Johnson Mell502267522

It's a collector number from an office in Kentucky. They try to collect fake debts you don't actually have.
A guy named Joseph is the one that call me.
I've never lived in Kentucky before.
It's a scam

From: Tom5089679285

Someone named "John Maher" called my office number and left his name and repeated this number about 4 times without identifying who he was with or what the call was regarding. Did not call back.

From: Juan2106069710

unknown i don't answer

From: erica kane8668965257

did not answer

From: Az5132838222

Called then hung up without saying a word

From: ed3135631480

no one on line

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