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From: jack9188037550

5 calls in 5 hours!

From: Jessica2538436229

Several missed calls from this # in the last 48 hours. No messages left.

From: Steve8775349235

someone called me at my work number from this number and left a message indicating I needed to call them back and provided a case number. I have no idea who this might be?

From: Luara4152663463

Can't hear the caller, sounds like a really bad connection, haven't had any other bad connection calls like this in a long time. Caller has not tried to contact me any other way so I don't call back.

From: Sergio ortiz Asian4158537880

I'm receiving messages with death threats

From: Rey3056000213

Health collections bills

From: Athena Myring4808870939

Data verification service

From: N8175243200

recording to call back

From: Roberto3407424030


From: TJ4403348142

Sales call from RV Armor that I requested. Good call.

From: Dont answer2187267037

call and leave no message.

From: madan0014159305321


From: Brianna4804472141

They called and it scared me and im thinking scam artist

From: Ed5163037284


From: J 2083298525

This random person is sending me dick pics

From: Jen2187298290

Number calls alot

From: Bob3609702371

5 seconds of silence and then hung up

From: Anonymous2024705437

Calls and does not leave a voice mail. Several calls over the last few weeks, no messages.

From: MT4696849354

When I answered that called me by my last name and said they would be on my street (named the exact street I live on) and hung up. Scary.

From: Dave Morse3136156571

Received a text

From: Ana Claudia 4803976406

Ligou e falou em ingles

From: Sandra2092361694

Modesto Utility Billing Dept

From: Maria 264613762

They call and when am trying to call back its not going through

From: reporter4044955851

They call and if you dont pick up, they will call back again in a couple of weeks. They seem to be looking for you name if you answer with your name, or if the phone is set up. It is definitely spam, or some kind of fraud

From: Josh4152836198

Missed call twice.

From: Anon2084956083

Claimed open investigation and gave case number and 800 number to call

From: GoodStart4129270127

These are complimentary pharmacy follow up calls for patients recently placed on important medications.

From: Lisa 4043949875

Do NOT be deceived by these people!!! They are crooks preying on innocent people!! They call pretending to be from "Publisher's Clearing House", saying you've just won $1.7 million. They tell you you've been sent a "certified letter", but of course, it just hasn't gotten to you yet. They don't want to delay payments of your winings, so if you'll just give them $500, they can set everything up to send you your money. TOTAL SCAM!!!!

From: Noel Voos3156815310

Call message claims it is Samaritan Health calling about your bill and the message provides a billing reference number. Call back and the message indicated they were closed, but open 8-5PM Pacific Time (funny, Samaritan in Watertown NY near me isw on EST zone!) All phones listed on the Samaritanhealth.com official website start with 315-785-XXXX no listed 315-681-5310 at all.


From: Rylee s.5186314699

They called no ideas who yesterday I got a *69 call

From: Jerson4084694467

Cómo puedo pagar una que en mi cuenta está en cero para poderndepositar

From: Lynn5135193292


From: Ron2818261874

They want money for rental property keys.

From: GLORIA2095661807


From: williams18447842424

who is calling

From: JOHN VAN DOREN2533142754253


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