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From: Karen Jones4695182406

A message was received about an appointment at the Hand & Food shop.

From: Me2627544978

random call

From: ft3175221870

Asking about publishing book, maybe fees too

From: Loñ8005042401


From: POLISH TV3605662313


From: lINDA fOREMAN8589971088


From: Anonymous3346496028

Called & left no voicemail. Called back using *67 & someone answered as "Radius Global Solutions," which opon a Google search turns out to be a debt collector.

From: who-called.info8009556600

Who Called You From :800-955-6600.
Debts collection? Telephone scam?Suspicious call?
www.who.called.info will help you find out who is behind this number.
we are scanning the web for suspicious activity and our database shows 1557 records regarding the number: 800-955-6600
Suspected Type of Call:Payments/Debt
Estimated number of monthly calls made in the US:36,000,000
Bottom line: Capital One Bank.
800-955-6600/8009556600 phone number belonging to Capital One just earned a dubious honor – it’s been listed as the #1 Top Harassing Number on the Index of Harassing Robocallers

From: Larry Parker7128844112

when i answered they hung up

From: Salas3452885677

Chi sei

From: John4405699960

About a job interview

From: Craig2033509750

"John" called. Heavy foreign accent. Tried to say AT&T was upgrading my Direct TV receivers so I'd never again lose the satellite signal, etc. Upgrade would be free and also a $20 reduction in my monthly cost. Gave me a callback #203-350-9750, x-8019. Asked for updated credit card info, which I did not give. Checked with AT&T and this call was not from them. Beware of this scam!

From: Giancarlo3404018625

Chi è?

From: randy2027933158

rec'd 5 calls in a 5 hour period

From: Larry Adams3234332609


From: Jane Omalley5039471995

Suspected fraud scam

From: Lora4025909449

Keeps calling but never leaves a voicemail.

From: Ember8772503618

They called me randomly, nothing was said on their end. I recorded the conversation here - https://vocaroo.com/i/s0AgDd5U9LHS (First things you hear are a part of my ringtone and then a discord notification, then you hear the call which I'm the one you hear speaking in it)

From: Alessandra00393473311324


From: Ciaran Kilbride4087530672


From: Physician’s Organizi4154342552

About the organization

From: nubia4803970640

for an interview

From: Yılmaz2609136335

Y.Kİ[email protected]İL.COM

From: Tyler5135981674


From: SRECO+386805055


From: kkk940404037


From: Bill5109701318

Got an email from the Social Security Administration, asking me to call this number. All of my calls go to voice mail, with instructions to leave my name and full SSN and they will call me back. Total scam...

From: Tylar Strickland2524957694


From: Bella13135580833

Get call

From: ff3076551941


From: Tyler Qualls18884388870

Called me three times today

From: Alejandro3518096772


From: JB8663790959

Said a car I rented is overdue. Problem is, I never rented a car

From: Professor4253290788

This guy claims to be an Eric Lilley from a shady collection outfit called Greystar. He keeps on harassing us month after month asking for a "Roland" we don´t know. Obviously, he has the wrong number - but even after he has been told that he is calling the wrong number both verbally and in writing, he keeps on harassing us by phone, by text messages, and now by email. We are now filing a formal complaint with their phone carrier as well as with the local PD in Lynnwood WA. Stay away from this outfit - don´t answer their calls. Take them to court!

From: Nimna Tharinda0787958347


From: Nimna Tharinda4805007543


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