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From: Kenzee 4193807411

It was random idk who it is

From: sam2817178209

i dunno

From: Kevin Brooks2817244003

might be scam

From: Maria Theresa Munoz 3457995386

I want to know this number from what country,who's the name of person,thank's

From: Maple's McCambridge 7603762288

McCambridge Lodge and Hotel Kernville CA. The pictured Gazebo is broken down. I have never stayed in a more disgusting place than the McCambridge lodge. The railings that blocked the drop off down a steep cliff. The pool is full of crap. The place is swarming with crack heads, dope addicts and whores. The management lets them come on the property to smoke and deal dope. If you don't smoke dope, the management kicks you off the property and calls the cops on you.

From: Francisco Mejia Cace8662107085

an individual from this number (Fabrizio) keeps calling everyday and He said my wife is in collection. He is so stupid He has no record of nothing, besides my wife has "excellent credit" and this company and this guy are delinquent and intend to fraud people by scaring them and make this public. This number is spam and be very careful with this individuals and this number 8662107085

From: Lauren Cooper3302348633

called left 3 second voicemail

From: AL3032140717


From: cristina3319426845


From: Lance4342497592

Just a call

From: Andrei0747762069

spam calls for scam

From: Alupigus0746460872

I wanna know who is this

From: Maribel Carrales3615044400


From: Karen Melisa Ariza R3173065599

Me llamo un señor que no conozco pero dice que él me vio en el paraíso y me llamo por mi nombre, me preocupa

From: Joe4152966039


From: Shiva5127947629

they mentioned as IRS

From: Captain pangia9436267281


From: Qna2814164492

No se

From: homer 5108971110


From: sky3343261213

who ever this could stop callimg me.

From: Mike8052189217

this mofo was banging my wife for years unknown to me, ive been disabled and in a wheelchair now. this guy has no shame

From: Barbara Holderness3193412165

said they were the Green State Bank

From: Usman0013052617788


From: M.J2024703343

Stated that he was an agent named David sosa and I was under investigation

From: Josipa3466452629

Chi mi sta chiamando

From: asfvadfv2023428091


From: Dustin Camp2567757693

Called and hung up

From: Rent a center 4196270107

Rent a center

From: Davis S James8444946060

said they were from radio

From: PLV4027397033

Caller ID Service Master.

From: Gigi4078980959


From: Angel 2064910002

This is a line that was found using my esim slot on my phone

From: Judy5039458200

Claimed to be Oregon Tax Revenue but the number is not associated with that business.

From: marta3803660705

He/She called me at midnight, send a message without saying anything, and then this morning he/she said good morning sweetheart (in Italian because I'm from Italy).

From: s2392220252

no name

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