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From: J5126108453

Jennifer is calling from State Farm to discuss their new rates?!?!? I don't even have an account with State Farm. I've never even done business with State Farm.

From: Maggie Gilkerson3042550832

Repeated calls from this number. When I answered it is a telemarketer., although my # is on the DNC list.

From: bob4132596571


From: Marvin ssemwanga3072578117

I want know who called e and why they called?

From: Lu2149010821

Fake car warranty

From: Pat4234259721

They called threatening me said they we're civil services

From: Joe blow2197285394

Called 10 times in one day

From: SickAndTiredOfBSPhon3173548653

Safelite Auto Glass or Guardian Auto Glass. The windshield replacement contractor with whom my insurance company does business regarding windshield replacement claims. It's all cool.

From: MS2036484064

Schools.com keeps leaving messages concerning my recent inquiry. I have never contacted them, but they have called five times in the past four days. The message told me to call 855-211-2542 to be removed from their calling list. Hopefully, they will stop calling now.

From: Sharon8775957666

selling hotel rooms

From: Print Guy2126519298

Caller Id says it was Nbc Universal... No Message left...

From: Shadia Corres4085209593

porque no contestas si es una empresa

From: David8774964815


From: Shweta3462230238

miss call

From: Regina marquis 5187537273


From: Donald Gaines3347853931

I answer they don't speak so blocked

From: Harris 5097663189

They called

From: Ma alamin3158082219

Call me

From: Cami4154810402


From: harry+911166560700

Missed call

From: not happy 2142995828

got a call from this number stating it was a referral for a psychologist for meds. This was not something I asked for, and definitely was not cool. very offended. very embarrassed and glad none of my family or my spouse got to my phone before I did and saw that.

From: Jim3134470405

no message

From: Bon4152258218


From: tom2154460132

called and hung up

From: Awais nawaz3074664114

Who call me??

From: John3127326118


From: CA5052278478

He says he’s from the police, called at 930 pm lol

From: Marta de Aguiar3056982104


From: Kukur+13075270714


From: George 3174380377

Just dont know the number

From: AJ3025004165

mush voice wants callback

From: MS PORNPIMOL 5023641500

Urgently !!!

The flight AA 5726 date on 29MAY SDF-DFW was delayed. Our customer have missed another flight connect from DFW-FRA-BKK (Thai Airways Ticket no.2172491044185)

Please help to manage the new flight from DFW back to Thailand. ref. ticket no. 2172491044185

thank you very much.

From: Doriana5109690249

Informazioni bitcoin

From: Alex3232244237

No info

From: david stemkoski2135148943


From: hamza3072138660

i dont know

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