How to Handle an Unexpected Sales Call

Questions to Ask

Ask yourself the following question when you get a call from telemarketers:

Who is calling… and what is the purpose of the call? Be quick to say no and hang up the call, if in negation to what the law says that a telemarketers did not tell you its sales description, the seller name and what is being sold before they make their pitch.

  • Why the hurry? Please take your time because fast orators who are always hurrying you and pressurizing you could have a secret plan to cheat you. Most genuine businesses will never put you under pressure to make hasty decisions without giving you time to think and they will even provide written documentation about a bid before asking you to give in to a purchase.
  • Is it not free?  Why do they want me to pay? Anything free should be without charge and ensure you query any fees you have to pay in order to redeem a gift or prize. Anything paid for is a purchase and not a prize or a gift.
  • Do I have to verify my account information or present it? Some callers are trying to persuade you because before they call you they have your billing information. So they do everything to get you to buy in so they can get your approvals of the charge.
  • What is the time? A telemarketers calling before or after the approved time by law which is between 8 am and 9 pm only is ignoring the law. Such caller should not be accommodated 
  • Do I want to stop receiving calls like this one? You have a choice to stop receiving business calls like this again, do this by registering your telephone number on the National Do Not Call Registry., They are flouting the law if they ever call back.

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