How They Hook You

Scammers use blown up or even fake prizes, products or services as enticement. Some may use mail, texts, or even call you, to get you to call them for more details. Some of the offers you might get include:

  • High-stakes foreign lotteries: The law prohibits the cross-border sale of lottery tickets or acquisition by phone or mail. Moreover, you may by no means see a ticket.
  • Credit and loans: Payday loans, credit card protection, advance fee loans and suggestion to lower your credit card interest rates are the methods commonly used principally during an economic recession.
  • Travel Packages: “Free” or “low cost” vacations can wind up costing a lot of hidden costs. Even after they have been paid for, some of these vacations never take place,
  • Extended car warranties: In order to persuade you to getting an expensive valueless plan, Scammers get to know your type of car, when it was purchased.
  • Fraud or overstated business and investment opportunities: Due to the fact that most people don’t research businesses and investments, Scammers have made millions of dollars which can get complicated.
  • Benevolent causes: Urgent requests for recent tragedy relief efforts are particularly widespread on the phone.
  • Free trial offers: Many companies use this to register you for a lot of products that may cost you they demand for payment from you, monthly until you opt out.

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