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From: shruppi

They call my number almost daily- a number that only a few people can know - means it is randomly chosen by their PC - they do not leave a message. If it would be important, they would, wouldn't they? I am not American and have no debts or relatives or EX'es here in the US - Neither EX husband or Ex wife or relatives or friends with debts etc. etc. Therefore this people are fraudsters. Don't take their call and do not give any info to them. Or may be do - but fake it all...
If it is a real debt collector and you have debt they will get to you by real mail.

Next time they call I will play "the game" with them - if I have time and if I am in the mood.
You know: put them on hold and.... my spaghetti cook over and the cat just brought a bird and the door bell is ringing and there is another call on my other line and then I will give them all false info, false names, let them send me (!!) an invoice to a fake address if they want money .... and I give them my IN-Provider's phone number to call back (the one

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