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From: Bryan

I use youmail visual voice mail.
It's blocking this calls.

From: Wells

Who Called You From : 877-647-8552 .
Debts collection? Telephone scam?Suspicious call?
www.who.called.info will help you find out who is behind this number.
we are scanning the web for suspicious activity and our database shows 187 records regarding the number 877-647-8552.
Suspected Type of Call:Payments/Debt
Estimated number of monthly calls made in the US:19,100,000
Bottom line: This call is from Wells Fargo Overdraft Department.

This is a legit phone number. It is Wells Fargo's Overdraft collection department. So if your account is negative, then that's why they are calling. Stop hiding from your bill collectors and pick up the phone when they call... for more information:

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Telephone number: +1 877-647-8552
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