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From: Heather

as the statement above i got the exact same call. Down to the last detail only i had won 5m and 500,000 and the car. I told him i was not comfortable giving out my banking info to someone who Says he's with the lottery winning for publishing clearing house. I asked for a certified cheque to be delivered to me. but that would cost me 1000. i said i did not have that money handy but we could go to the bank together with my winnings and I could pay him there. He did not like that answer and our connection on the phone was lost.
ppl beware do not fall for this scam i almost did as that money would be a godsend for our family right now !! very mean thing to do to people.

From: Dolores

Person name Allen Campbell & then later M. Cheryl Goodman called thru this # 1 876 301 8677 & 1 876 366 2449 appeared on my call display phone as from Jamaica, that I won at first US$ 9.5 m later on was US$10.5 m plus bonus of US$500k spending money plus Mercedes Benz. That I have to send 1% for first entree fee of Can. $549.99 for the CRA will take care of the 99%. I told them that in Canada winning lottery is non taxable but they insist that before the can deliver the money I have to send the money first thru the Western Union or they will not deliver the Cashiers Check of US$10.5 M. I told them I don't have the money but if they deliver the money first I can go to the bank and show the check if legitimate the bank can advance me money that they said I'm owing which is now $4,900.00 minus the amount of $549.99 or with Senior discount of $2,900.00. They really insist that I have to pay first before they deliver the money so the CRA will seal the release of the fund. In which I refused because as I said to th

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