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From: Christian

Dont answer it

Im from Denmark
Received it 22:43
It seems like a money ripoff call

From: Aywa

Seems kind of like there is a red thread.
This/these guy(s) call you if you live in Denmark, and it is late at night, around 22-23 o'clock.
And the story about them hanging up, a great chance it might be a call costing a lot of money.

My advise... don't answer...
but that is the same advise every time someone calls from another country :P
(btw, I too live in Denmark and got a call 3rd March 2014 23:09)

From: Adrian

23:16 on 3rd March 2014... I didn't answer the phone. I live in Denmark. I hope the caller dies a slow painful death

From: Niccolai

phone rang at 22:53. I live in denmark.
I did not answer or return call

From: Christian

Im in denmark.... did not take it.... 100% scam...

From: Mads

phone rang 22.20, i took it and they quickly hanged up in the other end.

From: Tom

Didn't answer, but find it quite suspecious

From: jesper

Who is it

From: daniel

no answerer

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