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From: Rose

Nathan is really sweet, really nice guy, was honest about the program. 5 Month later, im on a $0 monthly payment plan. THANK YOU

From: Ember Scott

Nathan Garcia is Amazing!!!!! He did not sound nice in the beginning of the conversation but then he was sweet.. its the tone of voice he has.. highly recommended.

From: Blanca

This is fraud loan forgiveness program confirmed with my loan servicer his name was MARK

From: Steves Wife

TBH nathan is very honest, he told me that im better off making payments based on a claim that isn't 100% guaranteed.. i really appreciate his honesty and felt like me and my husband should leave a review..

From: Steven

His name is Nathan Garcia and he's pretty legit, very informative.

From: Rebecca

i just want to thank Nathan Garcia... i am officially dept free/ the department of education dismissed my loans, i checked my FSA and i have $0 on everything. 5/14/19...
thank you so ... so .. much!!!


Calling for Loan Forgiveness, i believe his name was nathan.. hes really nice and helpful.

From: Mark Lichtenberger

Student loan relief services

From: David

I spoke with Mark L. of "Student Loan Debt Center" and they said they could eliminate or greatly reduce my debt, depending on services I am be eligible for. When I gave him my income, he did say I may not be eligible and that repayment is the best way... Talk of wage garnishments, bad credit, etc... I don't have student loan debt, though.

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