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From: Blanca

This is fraud loan forgiveness program confirmed with my loan servicer his name was MARK

From: Steves Wife

TBH nathan is very honest, he told me that im better off making payments based on a claim that isn't 100% guaranteed.. i really appreciate his honesty and felt like me and my husband should leave a review..

From: Steven

His name is Nathan Garcia and he's pretty legit, very informative.

From: Rebecca

i just want to thank Nathan Garcia... i am officially dept free/ the department of education dismissed my loans, i checked my FSA and i have $0 on everything. 5/14/19...
thank you so ... so .. much!!!


Calling for Loan Forgiveness, i believe his name was nathan.. hes really nice and helpful.

From: Mark Lichtenberger

Student loan relief services

From: David

I spoke with Mark L. of "Student Loan Debt Center" and they said they could eliminate or greatly reduce my debt, depending on services I am be eligible for. When I gave him my income, he did say I may not be eligible and that repayment is the best way... Talk of wage garnishments, bad credit, etc... I don't have student loan debt, though.

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