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From: Becca

I received a call from this woman who works for Cricket Wireless at our office. When I greeted her, she said, "Hi, I just missed a call." I asked her if she knew who might have called since we're a business and obviously have many employees. She said no. I told her I'm sorry, but I'm not sure who might have called her. Then she rudely asked me where she called (you called me...), and I told her the name of the company and what business we're in. She said, "I don't know....." and then complete silence. I once again told her that I was sorry but I didn't call her and I'm not sure who might have. A long stretch of silence. I said hello, no response. She had hung up on me. It was such a bizarrely rude phone call. I'll be sure to find out who called Cricket and let them know what wonderful customer service reps they have.

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Telephone service provider: Pacific bell

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