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From: Jon (Currie Enterpri

Billy calls us regularly. We're guessing Autistic and that maybe the calls are part of his therapy. Over the years ( maybe 3 or more) he's gotten more and more educated on cars in general. I understand it may be part of his therapy, or whatever, but regardless he's not hurting anybody, and I hope he's learning something from the time spent. We wish him the best.

From: CC

He calls every so many weeks and asks about the building of a Hemi motor. Wants to put a 4.5 Whipple on a 5.7 Hemi. Who does that!!
Really polite guy but never buys anything.
I don't he can even drive a vehicle.

From: C

High pitched voice, they have Asperger's / Autism or something of the sort. He calls our business every few weeks and sometimes multiple times a week and wastes time rambling on about very far fetched automotive scenarios. 900whp Taurus SHO, 1000hp Minivan, etc. Asks for pricing and availability but never buys anything. Has been calling us for at least 6-7 months.

From: SW

Asked about Car Parts to a Boss 429. I assume that this Kid does have some development issues but loves Ford vehicles and just asks the most stupid questions to fulfill his life. There is no sale to happen ever just let him go nicely and quickly.

From: RL

Individual call periodically about different custom engine combinations. Hard to know if it is a prank.

From: Darren

Guy calls every few weeks with very strange questions about custom wheels for cars with zero value. Confronted him, says its not a prank. May have some developmental issues?

From: AfterMarket Parts

Sounds like a younger individual who maybe Asperger's or borderline Autisitic. Calls in a quick successive string of calls asking the most bizarre questions and frankly presents weird scenarios; almost like he is goofing with you....Beware, he is a time suck.

From: car part business

calls and asks bizarre and frankly retarded questions

From: Tom

Called asking about advice on opening Thunderbird performance shop? Good Idea?? Sure kid go for it.

From: Jake

Billy calls regularly asking about car parts.

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Location: Washington (Olympia, Bellingham, Aberdeen)

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