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From: steven shaver CPA

A caller from 206 319 8649 called my client and said:
They were with the IRS and threaten to file a law suite if they did not pay money immediately.

This in my professional opinion is a scam and should be reported to the FBI immediately.


From: Ruthie

Received recording to call 206-319-8649 regarding a lawsuit regarding tax evasion. I called this number which was the same number listed for the recording message. They asked my name then gave me their name and badge number. They went on to say I have not responded to any of the mailings and notifications sent to my home for the lawsuite. She stated a police office went to my home on 11/16/15 to deliver the final notice to me and know one answer. I asked what address it was all sent too, she paused and gave me the address which was my home address. I thin told her I will reach my accountant and she said if I did that a warrant will be sent out for my arrest because clearly I was hiding behind my account. She then stated they already spoke to my accountant and they have confessed of the miss files. So a cop is to show up in 20 minutes to arrest me because I refuse to wait for more mailing and wanted to speak with my accountant and I said I would call them back once I spoke with them. At first this ups

From: Mary

I got NOT 1 but 2 phone calls and it said it was coming from Washington DC but I know the difference because I'm from Washington State I recognized the area code (206) 319-8649 from back home I now live in Indiana this is Obviously a scam it says it's from the IRS and they are going to sue me... I'm thinking more power to them..

From: Mike

scam call from "IRS' but its FAKE

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