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From: Darren

He said 'hello ... is this Darren' and I said "yes" and he hung up.

From: Work

Male voice of Indian decent. Attempted several times to get me to repeat affirmative statements + simple phrases (e.g. This is him. Sure, go ahead. Meeting tomorrow at 4). Also, he kept asking yes/no questions. When he did not get a yes or no from me, he would try with other yes/no questions. He tried this nine times. He also would not hang up without getting me to say my name.

From: Switchboard

Man with accent and bad connection called several times for a female employee regarding a webinar. MwA identified the person as "he." Sent to line with no voicemail.

From: Work

Receiving multiple daily calls from this number to my office desk phone. I do not ever pick up. It appears on the phone in a strange format: 100830844912

From: Stoney

Unsolicited random call

From: me

short number spoofed phone munber shows up as 100830844912 Calls over and over and over.. when answered no sound its likely a spam call trying to gather info

From: Travis

This number is NOT incorrect. It showed up on our Caller ID as a 9 digit number.
Male of Indian Descent called and pretended to be interested in making a reservation and began asking questions like "Is your adress ...., Is your phone number....?" then he said he would make reservation online. Immediately after hanging up with him, our phone lines were lit up as if we were making multip0le outgoing phone calls. But we were not. When we disconnected our phone line and reconnected it, the same number called back but no one spoke on the other line.

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83-0844912 , (83)0844912 , +183-0844912 , 00183-0844912 , 001830844912 , +1830844912 , 83-084-4912 , (83) 084-4912 , (83) 084 4912 , 83 084 4912 , 83 084-4912

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Telephone number: +1 83-084-4912

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