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From: thunder

travis meece had performed work for me. gaining my trust. asked for a prepay of 150 on install of garbage disposal and faucet. never did it. he came over while his wife always waited in the car. travis has multiple offences in Clermont county ohio and Hamilton county ohio. the last he ripped me off for a broken air condition, not 10 minutes down the road, my unit was out again. was supposed to replace 2 parts and never did..... on return he said compressor was shot and I needed a new unit, wanted cash upfront for the unit

From: Travis

Travis agreed to change my faucet and after he changed two, he agreed to come back and finish the other two faucets the next day. He hasn't been responding to my phone calls or emails for a week now. Then I checked comments online by other victims. He ran off with their money too. He took my money and stopped responding to my phone calls and emails. He asked me to pay him money in advance and he agreed to finish the work the next day. He Told me about his car issues and he asked if I trusted him enough to pay him in advance and I did at the time and gave him the money I currently had. (Beware of him).His wife will bring him to STEAL YOUR MONEY from you in advance, She sits in the car the whole time. Now when I think back, Travis has some legal issues, considering that his wife is the one who drives him all the time and waits for him in car while he works, which leads me to think that he can't drive. Be aware do not give him money in advance, WHAT SO EVER!!!!


The other post that says he will steal your money was correct. I found TRAVIS on CraigsList. (((He will run off with your money.))) I think the first poster was him writing a review. He ran off with my money. He took my money for the equipment and never returned with it. He said that he has been beat many times by customers, that is why you had to pay him for equipment. (Beware of him) His wife will bring him to STEAL YOUR MONEY from you in advance, RED JEEP CHEROKEE. She sits in the truck the whole time. I think the courts revoked his drivers licence, that is why he cant drive to us himself. He owes me OVER $2,000. I have No Heat this Winter since he ran off with my Money!!!!!!!!! I will be taking him to court. I wish I was Pre-Warned....

I posted this in 2016

Travis: 513-801-9843

I posted ONE of his Craigslist Listing below:


HVAC; Heating and Air Conditioner; Jeep Cherokee, Cincinnati; Ohio; 5138019843; Thief

From: Dave

This is a legit person that definitely knows what he is doing. He just installed an entire HVAC system in a house that I'm renovating. He installed the furnace, condensing unit, evaporator coil and moved the furnace into a corner so I can finish the basement. That required him to run a supply trunk into the attic and cut in all new supply runs in the ceiling and run all new ductwork. He did all of this from scratch on his own without a blueprint to look at. And everything worked excellent, I couldn't be happier. I found him through a friend that also flips houses and he found him on Craigslist. And the kicker of it is I gave him a check for $2400 for the equipment...and guess what...he came right back with all the materials and got busy with it the same day !! Just thought that I would write my review on him and let everyone know that I couldn't be happier with his install. I renovate 6 houses a year and plan on using him on every one !

From: Doug-HVAC

He is also bogus HTC technician. He will steal your money if you pay for the equipment in advance. Do not use this guy. He drives an older "red" Jeep Cherokee. Do not give him a dime!!! You will more than likely find his ads on Craigslist in Cincinnati. Buyer Beware!

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Telephone service provider: Cellco partnership dba verizon wireless - oh

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