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From: M

I got a call from an Indian man stating he is with "windows" calling about my computer. He stated that my computer is sending alerts to Microsoft.. LOL
So i pretended to play his game and he told me to go to support.me a website. There i told him the site is not opening and he told me impossible and started yelling.. Then I told him what an idiot he is for running this stupid scam.. He used me out and hung up. LOL...

From: Claudia

J'ai reçu un appel d'une dame avec un accent oriental. Elle ne parlait pas français et elle s'est fâché contre moi car elle disait qu'elle sait que je parle aussi l'anglais. Je ne sais pas comment elle peut le savoir...

From: Karen

I received 2 calls from this # today. The caller was an Indian man from "windows" calling about my computer. I told him we didn't need his assistance and not to call me again. He got irate and told me he would be sending technicians to my home. I told him ..no you won't and hung up on him. We've been called by these scammers before.

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