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From: Jen Navar2672126807

Possible scammer

From: Randall4571887612


From: Michelle 3194621083

It was someone extending an offer from BlueGreen. She was rude, including repeatedly interrupting. I repeatedly asked to have my name removed and end the call. She continued to talk over me to explain that I didn't know what I was turning down.

From: Not Stupid5186894377

Telemarketer touting (among other scams) the lower energy cost scam. CID showed "OUT OF AREA"

From: cfc2028585588

Used sendatext.co to text me saying I had a package that would be held until 3p.m. that same day, which was a little over an hour from when I received text. Then another text stating that my card (no mention of which one) had been charged $63 per my instructions. I had not ordered anything in at least a month. A D.C. #, but I live in MS. Obviously a scam.

From: T. m.8506842374

asked a question about disability but then hung up before I could say anything!

From: mIKE4242564594


From: Mark Freeland5137250140

Calls, wants personal information, gets rude and hangs up when you refuse. They keep calling even when we tell them not to, sometimes from a different line. BEWARE. This time it was lowering interest on credit cards.

From: cax5083188096

telemarketing calls

From: Brandon franklin5126148209

About a loan

From: unknown5105009291

I don't pick up telephone numbers I don't know. These people have been calling me multiple times. I tried calling them and get the message 'an application error has ocurred'. No idea what these jokers want.

From: John M.2348064934

Contact office person for Witch Doctor motorcycle parts.

From: Etienne5047581073

This is MY PHONE!! It has never been used for sales or any scam...personal cell

From: Jeni4082680486

This number replied to a Craiglist add through text message for a Hyperbaric Chamber. They want to pay through paypal only and want your personal information. This is a scam, I checked online. Don't fall for this!

From: Jeni4086183622

This number replied to a Craiglist add through text message for a Hyperbaric Chamber. They want to pay through paypal only and want your personal information. After doing research online, this is scam. Don't fall for this!

From: Jeni4088778861

This number instantly replied to a Craiglist add through text message for a Hyperbaric Chamber. I don't think they even know what they are interested in buying. They want to pay through paypal only and want your personal information. Oh, and end their text with "God bless you...." There is paypal scam. Don't fall for this!

From: Lebanon Vision Cente5139338385

Dependable number, this number is associated with the Lebanon Vision Center (optometry)

From: Joseph2138177279

Female,name:Shondra,Impolite and I'll-mannered, would not give information concerning why she's calling. If you call me I asked the questions until I am satisfied who I'm speaking to then and only then will I give any information about who I am!! If caller has no ill intentions they will emit who they are and why they are calling.

From: Marissa4243733719

Called and left a message for my grandma about a mortgage refinance inquiry online that she did not submit. Did not give a company name and the caller ID says "Compton, CA"

From: Ash3474644139

Just don't answer this number, it's a scam

From: mre4108241352

must be some collection agency, caller id says 'elkridge'.
whoever it is woke me up today, they asked for someone I never heard of, and said that person needs to contact them or they might send someone to get him!
Well, I told them I lived in this house over 30 years now and there's NEVER been anyone who has resided here but me and my wife - she was supposed to REMOVE my number......but at 3pm today, THEY CALLED AGAIN and was still looking for this person that has NEVER lived here! Now, for the SECOND time, they've "removed my number" from their list....I told this 2nd caller that "yea, until the next time"!

From: Heidi8005303790

they said they were a collection agency for my local dentist, who doesn't use a collection agency

From: hazel powers2488946765

further your education scam

From: David2815902070

Aldine ISD - Misdialed error. Lady on the phone apologized. No Scam.

From: Mindcypress 4438390850

Its an training provider in usa and conduct professional trainings across the globe.

From: Tom 2066124311

keep calling leaving Dirty Messages
Sick of it

From: Me3233006993

This is a fradulent company called the omni group

From: Martyn Iv2077916308

Portland Press Herald in Portland, ME. This is their number for confirming letters to the editor. The call may be automated.

From: Catherine 5348776218

From this number there was a fee of 1.95 charged to my credit card. I never ordered anything from this number. Will report to the fraud department

From: Paula Johnson 3132468870

Caller hung up when I answered phone.

From: lynn5133764112


From: aman007sra@gmail.com3479940972

voice call

From: Anonymous 2482373640

This is Comcast trying to get equipment or make you pay for it.

From: JC2407762323

This is God's phone number.

From: Lee Foley13152896467

calls bout 2 times a day never when I am near phond

From: Steve Miller4807668556

Call saying he iscacdriver for a freing and ran out of gas. Wanted me tring cash. He lied about his name, tried to setup a meeting. By the way nd the guy ha was with is a well known snitch (Nate Wheeler).

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