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From: Myra3239013906


From: Thomas9168066882

Like with others on here, the guy called and said he was with Windows support. Said something about my computer reporting errors.

I didn't wait for any more. It was clearly a scam so I hung up. Interesting that the guy did know my first name.

I Like Jeff's response. Wish I'd been that quick-thinking.

From: yomi2244137335


From: nnn5032132097


From: Randy4089162100

They are rude and nasty

From: Michael2028105706

Got a text from this number, do not recognize number nor know the name given, "Sarah".

From: Ashton 5012037071

This number keeps texting my phone with threats

From: Valentin silviu0751332431

Call me

From: against collection a8009151016

If they do not stop get an attorney and sue them for harassment, you will win, very simple. Also you can sue them for fraud, intent of commit fraud, intrastate fraud and interstate fraud. Look at your status of limitations, for example in CA is 4 years from the date of your last payment, not what they try to make you believe. Do some research and be smart, make money out of this scum bags, keep records of all their calls in your phone. 905 of moneys they try to collect is illegal due to statue of limitation or other issues, harassment is illegal fight back and make money

From: Kristin Averill2693441616

called twice did not leave message

From: C653034739


From: Melissa Reid2704508952

Paging me from landline no one speaks.

From: Bob P Wilson4158892915

This phone number is owned by IFTTT.com. (Do you use IFTTT.com to trigger pushes to your smartphone? If so, this is the number IFTTT.com servers are using to place a push. I'm sure this is only one number out of many numbers). Hope this helps.

From: Tyler Durden 5204403219

This is an escort named Alex or Alex.x.x. Her real name is Jolinda Y. Buddenhagen of Tucson.

From: Donna2153721662

Call numerous times a day from at least 10 different numbers.

From: Bri2156443616


From: mommys44072177979

doctors office

From: Southwest Credit Sys4025133812

No voicemail

From: peter2157916957

pre recorded msg advertising - robo call, annoying

From: Josephine4254092620

Just sent me a text message saying "Use this code for Microsoft verification." I don't have an account anymore related to Microsoft.

Either way whoever tried accessing an account is not going to get very fair.

From: Farris Adams6012870130

Tired of annoyed calls

From: Matt Nixon2067016893

Syntyche Q Behnken
2760 76th Se Ave Apt 208, Mercer Island, WA 98040

From: Katherine2676081470

Student Loan Debt Collector. They call from many different numbers numerous times a day.

From: oijoioj555232722


From: Enigma3921908828

Patrizia Dolci, nata a Bergamo l'11 marzo 1993.
Residente a Villa d'Alme' (Bergamo) in via Giuseppe Mazzini 95.
Contattabile tramite Whatsapp al cell.: +39 3921908828
Indirizzo mail utilizzato per la professione di ESCORT: sweety.sofia97@libero.it

From: Cheryl2012825654

Terrorists trying to get money by pretending to be suspicious charities

From: Howard 8888553855

This is one of the worst scams since I've almost felt for it... I've got a phone call from 8888553855 saying that the warranty expired on my Microsoft product... I've spoke with the guy and almost gave him some personal details! so if I almost believe it I'm sure a lot of Innocent people can fall for it.. Make sure not to answer a call from 8888553855. Just block it or don't answer

From: Mark Spenser8607852303

A phone call from 8607852303 is defiantly a spam call.. I've got a call from this phone number and some lady from this phone number Asking for money to a fund raising center or something... Do they really gets people's money ?! Crazy world my friends. meanwhile beware of phone calls from 8607852303

From: Pluto4435243507

It looks like scammers... trying something with endless calls from the phone number 4435243507. I've got some calls but didn't answer. later on I tried to call back to 443-5243507 and someone was on the line but didn't make a sound... If you know this prankers or scammers please let me know who is it !

From: Jeff2082981028

Numerous calls. Silent with no one answering. Possibly following/stalking me at work and gym. Very Creepy. Afraid of simple commuter travels because of the lack of their intent.

From: BJ5103442429

Insurance quote Scam.

From: Shirley5122576947

Ashton employment services

From: Chastity McElroy2109950660

Lady asking for someone who lives in my house

From: Chastity McElroy2103879203

Woman was speaking

From: Nikita Krueger4023432576

I don't know who this is but I would like to know

From: Ben727498050

Guy is calling with Windows support scam

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