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From: Karma2065788647

This is craigslist scam

From: John3149352889

Call from Washington University soliciting donations from alumni.

From: Susan Meyers4243555595

Accidentally called this number, and the girl who answered the phone was extremely friendly, very southern accent, and just nice. We actually spoke for 1 hr.
So I got the wrong number but what a great person on the other end.

From: stef4158442695

These jerks call every day, sometimes several times, and never leave a message. Block them!

From: Ms. T+12093330781

Receive calls and occasionally messages are left; Prestigio Jewlers attempting to reach extended family member who used me as refrence &/or alternate number for contact.

From: Ursula5054313004

Called the #. Girl answered, "National Disability. How are you doing today:, I hung up

From: joshua gray4048517729

They called and hung up when I answered.

From: A. Caller5129259411

Unknown call followed by a text asking, "Who is this?"

From: Jackie 5122510755

I don't know who it us

From: Dennis3373475741

Called then hung up

From: Vehical Service cent3135090636

tried to sale extended auto Warranty

From: D4692695976

Never rang, instantly said missed calls 2 in a row. Called back from a work phone and it was a survey that would give tickets to a cruise??? Stuck around for a question about which artist played hannah montana and then hung up.

From: Kelda Flores 8771099425


From: Tú3254809622

Tôi muốn biết tên và địa chỉ số điện thoại của ai.

From: J3173961870

Called today, Oct 23, 2016. Did not leave a message.

From: Marazzi3314663025

chi mi ha chiamato con questo numero?

From: Praneethrao400830382

I got cal from this no who is this .I want to know

From: Brit4054108594

They won't tell me

From: John5178532994

Recovery center

From: ouahab8607242481

good morning ,ho are you, thanks

From: Global Importing Gro3609809537

The company looking for a commercial driver

From: Lisa4434162849

This number will call me repeatedly when I would answer they would hang up on me..... when I blocked the number they would call the next day with the same number just the last four digits being different

From: willy wet8662137755

medical collection agency for Missouri Baptist Hospital and Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis,MO
Probably for many other hospitals and medical type businesses around the county.

From: Angie Falk5204312189

Wanted to know who called.miss phone call.

From: doll3852488475

He's a con artist

From: Lorie2063959365

This guy is running rental scams

From: Angêlo Rodriges915941131

Mensagens estranhas.

From: bo4109529464

A male speaking very fast said he represented some company in Florida. I finally got him to stop talking and asked him if he was representing a Florida company, why did my caller ID show the call was from Owings Mills, Md. He hung up.

From: AntiCollector6157267829

BEWARE! These are bottom feeders registered by the name of Robinson, Reagan and Young. Just because they are registered as a "law firm" wannabe is not enough for you to be intimidated. I received a call about an alleged debt of services rendered to my minor son back in 2012. My son was on Tenncare, and i know for a fact it is a Tenncare law to NEVER bill a pt if there was a balance they didn't cover. So these scumbags were trying to defraud me of $640.00 they made out of thin air. I called Tenncare and they confirmed the bill had been covered. I called the hospital and they received the Tenncare payment, they confirmed no balance was due, pending our outstanding. They also advised they never sent a balance to collections otherwise they would have a record of it. Not sure how these mofos got my minor son's info however they can expect a hefty fine from the State of TN, since i reported them. DO NOT EVER LET THIS TRASH DEFRAUD YOU! You can send them a cease and desist letter, make sure to keep copies. If they k

From: Anonymous8666485190

Northland Group. Caller hung up.

From: חלב167000070

איתקלקל מהר תוך יום

From: Veronica3346355607

I received these sms from this #. But I don't know who it is

From: Careful4804796392

Ladies I did a background check on him, he has a DUI on his record and claims he is Mormon. He also has a ton of previous court cases against him. Their was too many to check through. He is on multiple dating sites, and is on Cheater locator. He is a pathological liar. Truth finder says he is a confirmed cheater and has had multiple marriages and is only 33. It also said he was on cougarlife, tinder, match, ashleymadison, sugarmomma, naughtylifeporn, and fyourmamma. He is on mother and son porn and older adult porn sites. Truth finder and other background checks show all sorts of crazy things about him.

From: bob4152343969

American Heart Association reminding me to mail in absentee ballot?????

From: christian hollins3139323332

want me to send 200 to western union

From: Sanaz2404612775

Who is called me with +12404612775

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