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From: Muhammad Umair38104299

tell me

From: asdf55678999

its caling me

From: Pete+019632101

No message

From: Tam2158479974

Muslim girl who wears a hijab, but takes naked photos of herself, and sends them to Jamaican men who have wives and girlfriends, she's basically a dirty, ugly hypocritical slag, who goes to Jamaica looking for Dick, but when she's in Philly she's protesting to free Palestine and dressed like a good Muslim girl. She's a fraud, and the biggest slut you'll ever meet

From: Maggie8885387378

Called stating my husband was a co-signer for an Apple product. NOT!!!

From: Lamin Dibba8007555801

I want to get my 41K benefit to be sent to me in Gambia because i have a very pressing problem. I have already contacted my company and they asked me to contact directly, my security number is 215676996
My Name is Lamin Dibba

From: Nicole5073204076

Keeps calling

From: Sarah Geller2029579898

Just called me a few minutes ago on my iPhone and I missed it.. but I won't call it back!

From: Mark Wallace8443693851

A call from "Mark Wallace" from this number. Not mentioning company name but it's a scam. Don't give out any information !

From: Rivki8638251745

MED CLINIC are back! Same Med but now from a different number!

From: Cracker Jack4096009762

I've got a call from this lady with a hard Spanish accent and It looks like she is selling life insurance...

From: 2pac6014538746

Block these Mississippi SCAMMERS now!

From: Anonymous6465031289

You should hear about this one. they told that I was approved for a $5000 loan but needed to send them $250 for the first months payment. Its one of the oldest scams in the book

From: justin carlos kutza2107275498


From: Uche2148913024

Called my phone but unrecognized

From: PORTADOWN OIL3478177629


From: Rebecca Hoover3472955860

this is a male transsexual hooker! who tries to pull off its a girl. I had an ad on craigslist to rent a room and this thing came to my house! took the key to boot. I work in law enforcement so I wasn't keen when my investigator w in hours reported this was a guy who was an escort. this thing lied saying it was a bar tender in nyc when you google the phone number its an escort! then lied to my face saying it doesn't do it anymore. I don't want disease brought into my home or illegal activities I feel bad for the 2 lbs dog milan it had in a bag

From: AV boards3232372758

Dirty drug using escort offering bare services to spread her STDs bc her life's already fucked. Stay away flagged and report asap.

From: Kevin Reugger5046891603


From: Anonymous3373760806

These a--holes call from hundreds of numbers...

From: Katie2064007051

I asked to be taken off of their call log, and the man just repeated the word "no" about 15 times in a row like a broken record. I would block this number, and/ or not answer it.

From: Paul Ying5083132947

I just received a call 3 times from this number. I kept hanging up on it. But it keeps calling me from the same number. What do I do? I want whoever trying to call me from this number to go away and to leave me alone. I'm not interested in whatever that they're selling, man.

From: United Breast C3042230177

This call came from a spoofed telephone number. It's a scam.

From: ta4103790606

Freight company calling about scheduled delivery

From: Lauris28816771


From: Ken Freeman4158494354

not sure who they are

From: Simply A4127222236

Called my cell and didn't leave a message. Other sites say the number has been searched over 100 times in the last hour. Big red flag. Do not give them any info if you answer!

From: Chris5028907927

Diversified Consultants

From: tim bennett3366630583

they called me at 8:17 a.m. they are rude they won't stop calling me i got rude with them they hung up after 6 seconds

From: Rhonda Ennis44818636

missed call +44818636

From: carlos156999221


From: Clar2029305484

They told me they was looking for my place of business and address I don't know who they are but nothing but bad reviews

From: Marrissa Davis6785483985

The number called and didnt say anything

From: Antreas95765502


From: Notme3159669991

Uses your current or sometimes previous/expired insurance information to try to trick you into giving them additional personal information like your DL#.. Some of the information they try to "validate" is wrong, and they anticipate you correcting it.

From: JASON 65918791

It's a call from Delphine Singapore about cleaning services for air-conditioning and mattresses.

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