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From: Sarah Legg3047529552

They always call several times a day. Never leave a message. Going to see if I can block their number. I have better things to do than answer such useless calls..wish they would leave me alone.

From: hb8662502920

received call from this number. no vm left.

From: Kristin 2077839161


From: j3127321816

asked for call back can't understand

From: Narayan4378868441

about employment

From: mark3058905463

threaten to call friends and family about an experience in Las vegas

From: Yoesbel5043839428

Please do not call me again and I never asked for your services

From: Edwin4437651109

Vision Works confirming an appointment.

From: medyassin3072787105

Who is from that nember

From: Flo2067182483

Possibly the coolest phone call I have ever received.

From: Lparker8662136123

Exeter Finance Co.

From: xx2817630482

called to find out personal info to complete a form I had filled out that was incomplete...totally false. SCAM.

From: Bentley2564958492

Caller very rude and aggressive. Hung up after I would not answer questions he was asking.

From: Parese2144920685

No voice

From: t3364558747

Aerotech headhunters in greensboro nc

From: SOUTH WEST CREDIT SY2065187700

They never leave a message and call multiple times a day. Spam debt collector

From: J4085902285


From: Mrs Rado8667619991

866-761-9991 belongs to the Get Wise EDU program with New Mexico Student Loans. This is a non profit organization that is assisting the local colleges and their students by giving information ONLY on deferment, forbearance and other program options. They only want to see student be successful and NEVER ask for payment through the Get Wise EDU program!! If they are calling you and you do not have any student loans just answer or call them back and let them know they have the wrong number and they will remove your number immediately!!

From: Hendy2648192013

polite call, I reject because I forgot to put my phone on silent and I was in the library.

From: Rachel5032010380


From: ALANNA3153730199

missed call from who

From: Michelle5124029296

European Wax Center calling to confirm my appointment. Not a spammer.

From: Jonesy2122550293

I keep getting calls from this number it says it's CVS Pharmacy in New York New York I spoke with CVS Pharmacy in New York and they said somebody is using their number to make scam phone calls.

From: Karen meadows6146700012

Always leaves voicemail don't have voicemail set up

From: Denis3394779790

Very nice woman! ...simply, genuine, lovely!

From: Ben Jerry4239436568


From: Tl Kr9188950410

Recorded message for Obama care signup. I blocked the spammer.

From: Ben2096227625

Wilderness unlimited Hunting club

From: Marvin3234309653

Spanish telemarketer

From: Dog@13104832898

This bitch is trouble

From: john4155285242

calls daily

From: Joe Claves7038283026

The person who was talking to me seemed to be a college advisor for international student. But when he/she asked me a question then I tried to answer, he/she hung up on me.

From: melissa3122340017

who called

From: Ilaha3072716109

I dont see thiss caĺling

From: Mike3122572300

Apparently a company called "Green Tree" for a job I didn't apply for?

From: R2123740245

I got a call from the number and says its from city of NY. Which is dubious. and it's a recording regarding early childhood education enrollment. I've never requested information on that from the city, so it's strange that they even know my number.

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