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From: anyone7318198892

Called four times. Kept asking for different women. Sounded drunk.

From: Lis4078567038


From: honza728695696


From: N.C.3023076674

Real estate scam

From: ECA3132430779

Called to my husband's cell phone number just recently. They left a voice mail, automated machine asking for me (gave my name). The voice said they call from Blue Care Network, and said there was an important information to give to me and so needed to contact them. I called directly to the actual phone number I have for Blue Care network, which starts with 1-800. When I gave her the number 313-243... she said it is not theirs. She also mentioned that other people have asked BCN the same. Do not answer, neither call them back.
By the way, TMobile labels this number as Suspected Spam.

From: Bbbbn570679603


From: Desiree6514327533

Caller called twice first time ignored call and then they called shortly after, when I answered some moron said he would be here in 10 minutes to pick up the stuff. I told him he was an idiot and also not to call my number again and hung up. Ridiculous!

From: Daniel Stewart4233818083

this is an inmate call

From: Anonymous 4242353967

Called late, no voice mail

From: Nebr. Citizen4025770952

An unknown caller said it was about career advising and schooling. I told him 'Not interested' , but the calls keep coming every few days. A-holes!!

From: Lynn2084754331

This is the number for ADVANCED AIR CARE, LLC, Meridian, ID. They are not BBB accredited and have a D+ customer review rating on the BBB site https://www.bbb.org/snakeriver/business-revie ... -id-1000019880/ I did not pick up, and there were only two rings.

From: Frank3039810490

Terrible people somehow if you ignore them it like mad dogs on blood block all means they can get to you

From: JB5022334111

Recieved two texts from this number, once three weeks ago and again this morning-

A check has been issued to you related to your tax refund. This check is available to be picked up through your tax preparer.

I haven't done my taxes and I don't use a preparer.

From: Trina5417081642

Scammer pretending to be from LendingClub with a loan approval for you. Will try and get bank account info. Currently going by the name of Richard Hatcher.

From: CJ4323603731

call is from Ft Stockton which is fwd to a national sales center. warranty for vehicles and fishing for updated information. File complaints with Texas Attorney General's Office as they do not follow the Do Not Call policies.

From: Bradley E. Bearden3095176217

Familia Dental

From: les3334432298

Slater and Gordon Lawyers

From: Sheryl Jones274662024

I dont know this mumber it rings the same time most nights i answer but moones there .. i was concerned it a family member from overseas trying to comtact me.

From: LD8665729371

After doing some research, I discovered that the name of the debt collection agency is Simms Associates. They didn't leave a detailed voicemail message regarding the debt, so I have no idea why they're contacting me. I will send a letter by certified mail asking for more details.

From: George4158480778

Enter meeting password

From: Jeff Leston2124573118

Caller ID says Bulgari. I sure didn't buy anything from them.

From: GUEST8773621620

Mathew klausen this man is calling my cell phone & now my job wtf I did not give my job number!!!!! I think its for a student loan S. Mae???

From: brian2607557265

Some dildo called and didn't leave a message

From: Sam4083299526

Fuck up

From: Michael4152379249

I got a text message from a random number

From: Yareli8159180608

I don't know the area code

From: Alex Dunn2627584200

I own this phone, I am a sales agent for a registered company

From: j506127901

Santandres D.M> terenowy

From: Catherine4149083750

let call go to voicemail didn't leave a voicemail

From: Lied about being a g4424400913

Lied about being a grandson & having an accident.

From: Sean Collins3468042557

it was saying they would like to speak to me about a warehouse position

From: Ilja67072245


From: jo70074074


From: hafeez ezandy5083430345

its from FStop.fm

From: Arifatul Nisrina(021)80657330

I don't know maybe is danger or another

From: Sarra3362651981


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