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From: Anonymous5129476132

The person is on a dating site preying people specifically guys for money pretend to be a women interesting for dating it's a scam

From: Jannet Sanchez3233838112

The call was at 4 in the morning and when I answered, the person just hung up

From: Vj2468490631

I have been called from this number for dating. Who is caller of this number and from where they are calling. Anyone knows pls. share

From: gary5034441711

trying to figure out if this is a true real estate business

From: Christina5106420776

Got a call from this person looking for Adam...?

From: ChronosPrime 4842553002

Left no message

From: John3174515089

Scam bs about state and federal "safety requirements" for business.

From: Kim5302102959


From: Jule Eberle2082862491

Calling about my insurance wanting to know if I wanted extended warranties on the truck. Has been calling using several different numbers, i reasearched, locally non existant town's, and some in the primary towns. Other numbers are 208-917-5422, 208-286-2491, 208 576-4985, 208-437-7274, 208-917-5156, 208-543-7762, 208-494-2321, 208-286-2491. All are mobile phones.They called me within 30,60,90 minutes of each other. The 208-286-2491 number: I stated that I would not give out any information a I didnt know if they were a spam or a company designed to rip people off. The woman got hostile and defensive (I could look them up on the internet, or talk to her supervisior, why would she want to hurt her grand children that she took care of. Said they were calling about warranty issues for my 2009 Dodge Dakota.The Dodge was given to me in 2013, and it is a 2000. It is a farm truck. She kept pressuring me, isn't it a nice truck. Then she made a comment with information about me. I told her I had insurance and was dis

From: Jamie4046977434

Offering free stay in a 5 star hotel. Press 1 to speak with someone to get info, or press 2 to be removed from the list.

From: cindy jones6068341033


From: SAL5162680401

Recieved a text from this number saying "Everything good?"

From: Pissed off on the Sp3212653943

Some political survey call from a rude black woman.

From: Sam2074388301

Missed call during work

From: Civilian2343861325

SCAM. Block it

From: Latrice Gonzalez2128864051


From: B. Meier2152973562

Claimed to be from LifeEnergy wanting to renew my service at a locked in rate, but that is not my current supplier. As soon as I called him on that point, he hung up.

From: eddie3058553111

call and hang up

From: Madison4058885471

I received a text from this number saying "call 501-374-5050 to discuss your refund."

Did not call, texted the number back but received no response. I do not know what I would have refunded by this number.

From: ricardo937462164


From: andy F5139323046


From: Tifani5159747861

This guy says his name is Jack Spencer and is a big star in motorcross sports.

From: Fargo 2832156515

This is trade phone call. So the guy who is made a call from the number 651 528 3215. Is mental. He talk like a girl. And then the vice is a man. This guy is mental so. Be careful do not call back.or answer To this phone number.

From: Rachel Stillman5013487032

Calls real late but no VM

From: nirav5103704480

This number call and harras people

From: CONNIE4693073472


From: joe smo2133302869

I called back, they asked for joe smoe. solar advertising.

From: b408819971

solar company

From: Cathy Graciano3024404259

They are trying to get money from!! I think this is a scam!!!

From: Katherine Serrurier4153501011

calls, doesn't leave permission

From: Bill3035021870

Calls, calls, calls never leaves a message - SPAM

From: JC4698130102

Asked for permission to connect me to someone to discuss my account, but couldn't tell me what account. Kept asking for permission to connect me.

From: Thabang+27612613063

I need to know who is calling me from this number:0410302877

From: Jorge Rodriguez5082319012

Had a missed call don't know the number

From: ER2622786329

Carls Plumbing Services

From: Janet Curry4076415348

Refused to state the reason for the call unless I confirmed my personal information which I refused to do. I would assume they are telemarketing car warranties - unsolicited

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