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From: Azrien+442083539512

I've got a missed call from this unknown number. Could you verify who is this

From: X Greece2103362300

Τους τελευταίους μήνες καλούν για να επιβεβαιώσουν ότι έλαβα τον λογαριασμό για την ασφάλεια ζωής/υγείας που έχω με την Εθνική Ασφαλιστική. Προφανώς το κάνουν όταν έχω αργήσει να πληρώσω. Ωστόσο παραδέχομαι ότι καλούν μόνο κάθε λίγες μέρες και όταν έχω απαντήσει κάνα-δυό φορές είναι πολύ ευγενικοί. Συγκριτικά με άλλες εταιρείες, εισπρακτικές κτλ είναι πολύ διακριτικοί, αν και εδώ που τα λέμε δεν χρειάζομαι υπενθύμιση ότι χρωστάω, το ξέρω! Αν είχα να πληρώσω, δεν θα τα πλήρωνα;;;

From: sam2812294804

Its someone personal

From: Len Lowman5012403494

received several messages requesting callback at this number

From: Mariah4158196468

Called me twice in a row and texted me "sorry, I just missed your call" I did not call them.

From: Dave4809840701

VCA Apache Junction Animal Hospital

From: su em2025169218

Wash D.C.scammer 202-516-9218 called my Calif. cell Monday morning while at work! STOP Calling CELL PHONES!
Left no message. I called number back got recorded message about "Rewards program" crap.

From: Angry Person2523701902

This guy is building scam profiles dont answere his questions. The line is constantly on "Do not disturb"

From: Name5139046916

Scam about staying at resorts...blocked number from my phone

From: Kim ragsdale4046833591

It just keeps calling

From: Richard4256361447

Bank of America

From: Drew4086688366

This is another Indian job recruiter who got my info off a job board. Hate these idiots. IDC is the supposed company.

From: Karla2083385003

This is Barbacoa, the restaurant in Southeast Boise and they were calling to confirm a reservation.

From: sam4144366735

Richard from protection repair department.. bullshit

From: Josh4077825463


From: LAURA3272125128

the lady who has this number of 3272125128 phone is publishing ads using my photos without permission in violation of any laws on privacy, please immediately delete their listings! I'm Laura 3775408118 www.profumodidonna.escortbook.com

From: JJ3205340598

Called. Didn't leave a message. Comes up as Minnesota on caller id.

From: 13122609972

Scammer call from Chicago

From: Shana Riley8632351087

Children and families

From: Anonymous3083906598

Calling for American family insurance but had wrong number

From: Anonymous8664456496

Fake call from a department called "commit line" from BofA in Florida, caller stated they are resolving a customer inquiry. Woman has thick accent, and stumbles on answers.

Bank of America has no department called "Commit Line."

This is a scam.


From: x4142243411

no voicemail, and unrecognized number. Suspected spam.

From: jjj2025795090


From: Christine McGarvey8147627405

Called about an insurance claim

From: Sandra5093204229

They called Me telling me there was an arrest warrant under my name. It's a scam call.

From: Emma5038200265

Debt collector using a local business number.

From: Jay5094065791

This is a collection agency

From: John1656524978

Received call from an Indian scammer saying that I won $14,000 for paying my taxes on time. Be aware!

From: Brooke 4047208331

Collect call from a jail

From: MORRIS3107215878

Random phone number

From: Roger935531135

Me molesten

From: Forever4808682948

Caller tried to get me to verify ss dob etc. Wouldn't say why? Very envious answering any questions. Then became very rude



From: Alonzo5094361816


From: S3473195534

Keeps calling me

From: karen3237462296

they are calling me and members of my family. who I know I would never give out their info or phone# to. and calling at work. they say its for a claim but wont reveal from who. so I know something is not right.

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