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From: Ashley3308814131


From: a+3726173652


From: Nafis Alam1244787278

Job regarding call. Company is in gurgaon in delhi. I want to just know about the company

From: sergio jose+34963061380

me esta llamando mucho

From: Japanese guy2127570101

This phone was Yakitori Torishin reservation's number.

From: Linda Sexton4236277852

The number 4236277re is my husband cell phone number threw us cellurar what kind of scam or activity is going on with this number

From: Capt'n3012311255

Was texted a forwarding link to snapsext via an affiliate link from link-me.too

From: Amby2533057174

KeyBank was calling to verify online activity.

From: MM4087963589

Called at 10:15 am 12/5/2016 live person trying to sell Solar Panels.

From: dlinda6344324

barely spoke English, I hung up on him

From: Denise Schrader3306054944

got more calls than I ever want from these people who call and don't say anything, just to say they called us....so time warner cable I hope you heard me say that I wanted my number taken off of this list and not called again. By the way this number is on the DO NOT CALL LIST if I get another call I will report you.

From: Guy3107779122

It's Tupac. He called me and we talked about Thug Life.

From: Sophia 3054844164


From: Xhel12133781072

IT was just appeared in my email add. related in psychic reading Then offer me to call her giving this #:12133781072. Said she was a psychic, astrologer, telling she can predict some of important events coming in me, her name Lilly. Is she real? Anyone knows..
Pls advise.Thanks!

From: A.Leng 92328647

Kept calling and being rude.

From: Susan8002279853

This is Netspend bank card. They do not call unless your prepaid card has problems.

From: Eric4023219966

They call and hangup for several days.

From: John3055010558

Is on Tinder.com posing as someone named John. Says he works for Exxon-Mobil Corp. and does freelance contractoring work for gas and oil companies.He says he is 53 years of age. Looked up this number and it says that it is a scammer number and used for Turk Oil and Gas. This person has a photo of a white man with a beard. Looks like he works out. Right off the bat talked about dating and getting to know each other quickly. Red flag always to stay his spouse has passed and has a 24 year old son. Said he was from Norway but now lives in Florida.

From: Selena Marie deno5094775645

Unsure of the call.

From: Carlos Faria2036543779

The call and hang up... If you call back it's automated and all you hear is Music.

From: David Buschhorn2088189768

The "Hardest Working Guy in Real Estate" spammed me over the phone twice, despite me being on the DoNotCall list.

Seems like the hardest working guy isn't also the smartest guy.

From: Backpage Escort 4256233139

This guy calls for a backpage Escort to make an appointment in advance. He got the address and never showed up, nor did he call either to even make up a lie about how he couldn't make it. Then when I tried to call him, he picks up just to hang up. He obviously is a bullshitter. I hate giving addresses to creepy weirdo guys.

From: Tam6613804263

The worst locksmith service ever!!!
The guy that answered the phone was insulting and swear at me for asking a question twice.

Bad customer service and I hope you will not get much work.

Your boss is a full to keep you and if you are the boss.. well Allahu will get you so I am nor worried at al.

From: Sue3473548188

A Craigslist scammer used this number to text me. He was proposing to send me a check and so I called him. He failed to pick up, but texted me back and then called me. He had an accent (slightly British-sounding Nigerian?) and I laughed him off after he told me how he was going to send me a check from another state and then have his agent pick up the large piece of furniture that I had advertised.

From: AnnMarie Geurtze5185551398

Answered call and man on the other line said "hi this is Mike with the chimney service" then I heard giggles in the back round and said we didn't order a chimney service. They quickly hung up.

From: Bob2102013003

Claim to be lawyers "Trying to help with a plan" terrible service, terrible communication! He started using foul language and threatening me after I wasn't giving him what he wanted. Then he had a friend/"associate" call me from their cellphone and start harassing me. These guys have serious problems.

From: Fahimeh Solhi8003973342

I have received a call from this number about a flight reservation that I have and is paid and comfirmed! They left me a messaga that said my filighs has been changed and I need to call them to confirm the new time and dates! I called and fortunately decided to call the airline and the airline told me that there is no change and everything is OK!

From: Sonshine1262456241

Up to 6 calls per day.

From: Joe lane4079065038

No anwser

From: dc3022136724

call, no message, strange area code... probably spam.

From: Erlene Pool8087338468

calls from an unknown number
calls my cell which I won't answer because it is not on my list. I can hear the message left on my voice mail. Makes reference to a number I need to call to be used a a reference number when I call back

I do not know tho this is and I will not call them back.
I do not trust this message

From: Donna Cafferty3199516653

Recorded message about looking at a website and being chosen for a gift certificate.

From: J4434610754

called me didn't answer and left 29 second vm of them just breathing

From: Elvia Adanarhi Casta2023545896

Keeps calling I answered and they hang up.

From: Frank5185992088

Premier Portfolio Group chasing a zombie debt.

From: Niko4842522752

Recruiter for US Tech Solutions

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