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From: kim8662538910

just that I call back

From: Doubleep054438419111

Recorded call saying that I had won a vacation

From: Nimal 3103219252

I have received the call from the dating site and he said that he love me and want to get married!!!

From: Stan4258231247

US Bank...which I answered as I am a customer. Recorded sales pitch for elderly call bracelet.

From: jimmy94524803

property managers

From: Angelina Myrick2159546021

They said I will receive 9000 federal grant

From: Donna Foster7405774241

Been texting who I thought was Norman Reedus for a year and a half now. So,t almost a thousand dollars to him for his charities. NOT HIM! Please find this person!

From: Tired of this3153321921

Tropica Casino calling to offer a free chip to bet online. Guys name was Dan Green.

From: Lydia D Dominguezhus8322582501

Husband cheated

From: dheerender1800180099

i need that no so please call me right now on my no 8439187485

From: EsSco8772327577

Reliable source - McAfee Techmaster


Hang up

From: Anonymous2403673300

Has called many times, caller doesn't speak, hangs up.

From: Sir Richard Branson56778877

Asks money

From: Nancy Feore5038888862

Texts trying to have me go somewhere

From: Karen2078289283

Keeps calling and never leaves messages

From: Larry Brantley4054161472

This number 405 416 1472, along with others, keeps calling my number, but does not leave a message to respond back to the calls/caller,
So I don't know if is a scam or actually someone trying to get a hold of me,
There is such thing as voice mail messages
Thank you

From: Dame Kisti6148154781

I want to know who is this person

From: Patsy5202573554

Received call about a outstanding debt 488.00 presay. Are you PATSY? Yes. Calling about Direct TV outstanding bill, collecting. What? Never have I used direct TV. Put on hold. Lady returns. Do you live on Ellen Street. Never lived there!!. Is your email p.------------ no!! Me: wait what SSN do you have. I don't she said. So service was connected with no dob, or Ssn? Yes mmm! She states, that the only thing they had was my cell number. Someone stole my identity perhaps? Patsy

From: George Haynes5023522677


From: Lynn Dalton4232128512

A lady named Rachel Young dialed my work # from this # indicating that she had papers to serve me - and getting these kind of calls before - told her to name the place and I would gladly meet her. She then said to contact a "claimant's office" and to call 877-343-9667, with a reference #. When I asked her for her return number, she refused to give it to me. I then advised her that she had indeed reached my place of employment which calls of this nature were prohibited. She kept trying to say someone gave her that # as my cell phone number, to prolong the call. I told her to put me on her do not call list and disconnected the call. She called right back - so I let it go to voicemail to record her, but she didn't leave a message - imagine that. Scammer, do not call that 877 # with your credit card # as she advised me to. Fraudulent caller.

From: Christina Jean2812030595

Not sure if it was God but was a voice reading from the Bible...apocalyptic

From: Unknown2769885100


From: Lear4809990638

Ryan from ACF. They call our business EVERY SINGLE WORKING DAY. It is some kind of hard money or business finance scam. They never stop, no matter what you do. Caller id reads 480-407-6070.

From: harry harris2028999028

I am uncertain whether this is a scam call or something more important!

From: Michelle3608954062

Missed call

From: TiredOfHangups4807577352

They hung up, didn't leave a message. They'll probably call again and hang up again.

From: Artur603288542

Miły facet. Świadczy usługi seksualne .

From: Sam Lee3074664131

Called in the middle of the night

From: Miguel+5491121503670

they want to contract a friend.

From: Richard4232128808

Answered phone no one said anything

From: Daycare3124286441

said we owed money for a yellow page add. the account is over 260 days late. "they" only sent one bill out. (supposedly as I never signed up for a yellow page add or recieved the yellow page with proof that an add was placed for our daycare) He said he would look into my account and get back to me. I never heard back from him!

From: BA5407513319

Unsolicited pre-recorded ILLEGAL robocall offering to sell a car I have listed, despite the ad stating Do Not Contact if you are offering me a service. I've had this issue before with the same comapny under a different DBA.....time to file FTC and Do Not Call Registry complaints until they stop!! Total spammer and a scammer too. They'll take your $200 and basically do nothing. Oncedriven.com will take your money and RUN! Their refund policy is a joke, you'll have to file a chargeback. Click below to report them!

From: Consumer 8668404682

I'm guessing this is a reminder call since I forgot to send it back.LOL SnapShot...what a joke that is too ! I think that thing is tottaly rigged ! It would beep when I would barely be touching the brake pedal...& I MEAN BARELY ! I did the snapshot a few years ago and I find it interesting that I got the exact same percentage off this time ! Only 6% ...SERIOUSLY ??? What a waste of time that was ! I think to touch the brake pedal any lighter I'd have to be a five-year-old driving. WHAT A JOKE

From: Karen Crantz4079201306

Slum Lord, recycles junk from slum to slum

From: Al4092424519

They stayed silent

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