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From: Rigoberto Vasquez77923576

I heard a voice of a lady, letting me know that I shoud stop dating a girl I met for personal safety

From: Sherry Morrison 3155576780

Scam caller

From: Jake3609844728

Billy calls regularly asking about car parts.

From: John Doe4087470832

Calls and says nothing

From: Pramod953311001

I don't who is this and this number which state belong

From: Aj4802861127

Asked if I could hear them. Sounded recorded.

From: Robert d conte5205005266

Din know who it is

From: TerryA4077420108

This is an automated message from Osceola County District 2 Viviana Janer about upcoming events

From: Beatrice493895237662

ha chiamato alle 4 di notte e non ha parlato

From: He's a fat middle ea5039547075

Extremely overweight middle eastern fella, anywhere between the ages of 35-45. He tags along his 12 year old son to meet people on Craigslist when selling terrible cars that have incredible amounts of undisclosed mechanical issues. Makes up lies and stories how it was in his family forever. He clears the check engine light, makes the car appear decent enough to survive a test drive and than falls apart mechanically once you arrive home. Comes off very odd and untrustworthy, I made a mistake of purchasing a vehicle from him against all my senses. Stay clear from him at all costs.

From: Jay5167147614

Geico telemarketer

From: Allison7206264374

Suspicious text received with a verification code. No clarification for what the verification code was for. Received at 4:42 am.

From: nick3035971751

Scam call about lien on a business from the state of California.
Just verified with the tax board that there are no liens of any sort.

From: Scott2403144800

Very rude male attempting to buy knock off Ferrari automobile parts. We dont do this and you should not either unless you want to meet Ferrari lawyers

From: Select Care Benefits3864920769

I called Select Care Benefits through their main number, 888-331-1002, to find out if I qualified for free or reduced payments on a medication. They offered reduced costs on medications for patients. The representative returned my call using this local number. When I had asked him why this number, he said that the company makes them use VOIP when returning phone calls. They are legit, but I didn't expect to have to pay an application fee or to pay them directly through my checking account.. It's best to go directly through the drug manufacturer.

From: MD4243722666

Caller asked to speak with the owner. When I told him the owner was unavailable, he hung up. Never identified himself.

From: ShauneS5125016718

Very polite but very persistent debt collector who called me about an issue with my parent's finances...

From: GW3607185639

Call and Hung up.

From: quozit13072695091

who is calling me , plz find out this number.

From: Margareta2132847992

Excuse me,i dont know this operator can get my number phone,but this operator call my number at 00:55 AM and 07.35 Pm. Have problem with me? ot other? Thank you.


From: KK3605584800

Claiming to need account authorization to allow a non user access. Hung up after further questioning.

From: Sprint4049098518

It's an auto pay message.

From: Sharryn Anders2762334079

Fake caller

From: Berto3804619772

Vende telefoni difettosi e poi non risponde più! Truffatore!!

From: Eden Rose 028092099

She invited me for a job interview and told me that she will send the location via email. But I received no email and I cannot contact the number when I tried to call back several times!

From: Lane4159194547

Yelp trying to sell you stuff

From: slider@gmail.com5088541098

will not answer
on do call list
will not leave message

From: fk3313227756

hey primo

From: Soozcat2068221422

Received an unsolicited ad text from partsgeek.com. Especially unhappy about it because my phone is metered, not unlimited.

From: Nora5208485688

unknown number

From: SE4076561936

This number is some robo calling sales call. I caleed it back and it went to a fax machine.

From: info5046895144

Loser scammers. Fake credit card info ha ahaa haa!!! Call blockers are amazing!! haa haa ha ROFL at them idiots!!

From: Baumholzer0015035641903

Get Calling from this number. Spoke to the lady.
I this a serious Number

From: B2132819491

Keep calling and they don't speak at all.

From: caitlin20496888

If you get a call from this number do NOT pick up. I repeat DO NOT pick the phone up.

From: Darrin2088526369

Received call, no response.

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