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From: Andy5179406483

Local exchange, so I answered - it was robo-call about "student loan forgiveness." I do not have student loans, so expect that this is a scam/fraud, and at the very least unscrupulous marketing (the number they called is on the do not call list)

From: Melissa3475424891

A guy calling by the name of Mark. Do not answer totally disrespectful and a prank caller!

From: Nikolas Bougiouris6948650275

who is calling from this number

From: kap3139950370

DOn't know who they are

From: Terry8003315340

This company just stole my debit card number and charged money as BILL PAY.. WARNING!! They are scammers and are NOT a real company.. Somehow they get personal information and empty your bank account... WARNING SERIOUS DANGER..Do NOT give them any information about yourself if you try and dispute a charge.. They are only gaining more information about you too do more hate to you.

From: J6189995402


From: luca conti3338793011


From: Larry5127971695


From: Megan3104059303

Weirdos calling

From: Teresa Wilson3374605512

Returning the phone call

From: Buffy4692237295

Sticky boy salesman.

From: Kattee5175184669

Didn't answer, they did not leave a message. Only called once so far

From: J2483618883

Called did not leave a message

From: Crystal2165590218

I think this person has a chronic masturbating illness. He once left me a 27 minute long voice mail of straight beat sesh. I know it sounds weird but I could just here the lotion squishing around his over sized shaft.

From: Sam3108179435

Refinance call.

From: Michael Stewart4807765334

i don't know who this is

From: L4802957850

phone call from this number saying that he received my request for my healthcare records and he needs more information before processing. When I called back it was a VM for Nicholas Ryan.

From: Lani2076451860

Scammer on Craigslist. Offered to buy my Travel Trailer Sight-Unseen for full price if I gave them my word that it was in excellent condition. And gave them my PayPal information. They would have a "third party mover" come and retrieve the RV. I told them I didn't sell to scammers and to not call again. They have not.

From: No Name5097741353

They wanted to sell me something about insurance.

From: JOe4407093000

Lumber Liquidators Mentor Ohio

From: Kayla2024662066

Very expensive matchmaking service.

From: dar518630079

aktualne ogloszenie masaz

From: Bill2148098278


From: Unknown6023546136

Cox Communications

From: sarah3012820768

legit: verizon calling for a scheduled appointment

From: Kevin052559830


From: Loretta James3154187158

Let message

From: Carmen Sanchez4077568095

to many fraud phone calls

From: Karina 3617172012

Don't know much

From: Greg Bronson4016428248

vendor relations

From: dimitra66162177

someone called me

From: ram2279419729

did not answered call

From: Luke1514475293

Calling companies asking for people found on social media (linkedin?)

From: Christina4342348098

Answered and it dialed numbers in my ear

From: mh3132620143

bunch of dicks

From: spencer3372142360

Not a much

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